Sunday, March 20, 2011

Battle on Two Fronts

 Ne-ga-ro Pleeease!
So light skinned, educated, affluent Blacks from good families have it easier than dark skinned Blacks?
In what way.
Not only do these Blacks have to battle the same racial and cultural stereotypes from non-Blacks - but they must battle the soft 'El Dabarge' image against some darker Blacks.
The more accomplished Blacks have to be "Black+" (corporate success) or even "Black++" (self-determined success).


Reggie said...

Yeah and not only that, we've got to deal with the negative stereotypes of having a really large penis......I like to stick that one in too brother.

Yeah it sucks, we light skinned brothers haven't been in style since the 80s. Yeah, what....Debarge and Al B Sure and all those brothers are probably somewhere frying fish.

DF said...

LOL @ Reggie,

Well I'm sure there's no study showing light skinned brothers having it better but facts have never been needed when it's a stereotype.

It's just happens to be a lot of entertainment seems to have the light skinned brother with a conk highlighted.