Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jan Shedd

Things are a-changin' and many who won in the past will not win in the future.
Many who won by default in the past cannot compete in the present.

It seems that some Tea Party members are not comfortable in accepting their displacement.
It seems that some still hold onto a Twiggy or Audrey Hepburn ideal of beauty (Which is still attractive but it's a level of beauty she could never attain.) and they fail to embrace the more rubenesque body type favored by many men today.

Ms Shedd took to social media in an attempt to throw shade on the thick Dallas weather-bae Demetria Obilor.
But social media wasn't hearing it and no f's were given.

The thing Ms Shedd failed to realize, across almost all racial lines, is that BODY is in.
Ms Obilor resembles J-Lo, Kim-K and Beyonce - today's ideals of beauty.
Racially ambiguous, thick women with curves and a flat stomach are winning.
Ms Shedd failed to realize that she is now deemed obsolete.

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