Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What If ...?

The Bible got it all wrong?

What if Adam and Eve were Black (or a POC) and Cain was given a White mark?
What if the Devil in the garden was a white woman named Venus who seduced Adam?
What if the white race was sent here to tempt us as demons into a lifestyle that seemed better than the natural self sustaining ones - to one that was ruled by greed, selfishness and false knowledge?
The Devil knows the Bible - he quoted it to Jesus,
and used it to tempt God concerning Job.

Why are so many educated (in the worldly doctrines) people atheists?
Why are simple people still inherently religious?

What if God is Black?


FreeMan Press said...

Educated people keep thinking about who is GOD and making GOD justify his existence while simple people enjoy simple things and thank GOD for life period. People have to be smart for something otherwise all that studying went for not so they come up with theories that are supported by other egg heads until finally you get GOD having to come down and kill everyone and start all over.

If GOD is Black or POC it wouldn't really make a difference because people don't believe in him and they think he is white. It's just bragging points for certain races but overall it doesn't matter in the bigger picture. But sometimes cats take a joke to far like Charlton Heston as Moses and Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra shoving it in people's faces then it breeds people wanting to prove them wrong.

brohammas said...

The more educated we become the beter we think we are. You equate it to Father...
but if my purpose is to tempt people to live unnatural lives than I should be partying a little harder. I'm missing out on a whole lot of debauchery if I'm the devil.

RunningMom said...

"White people are the devil" is so not new. That's been said for years. 33% - maybe more, of "white" Americans have recent black ancestry, so is a person who looks white but has black ancestry no longer the devil (even if they look like the devil) or is anyone with any white ancestry the devil even if they don't look "white"?

What about the mixed race couples that have twins, one black one white. Does that make one twin God and the other the Devil?

Mr. Noface said...

I thought it was common knowledge that the Adam was a POC. I mean it says it all in his name (Adam = red man in Hebrew). He was what many African Americans today would call a "red-bone". If Adam was a POC and he was made in God's image, well...I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

As for education and atheism, there is something to that, though I don't necessarily believe that when getting educated (or engaging in intellectual pursuits) that you must check your "God" at the door. I myself am educated and I believe in God (i.e. am a Christian).

You're always going to have problems when you ascribe aspects like good and evil to color. The human race comes in various shades of brown (from milk-chocolate to dark chocolate and every flavor in between). And coming from the same source, white and black are no more good or evil than the other (which sheds light on my issue with religious movements like Mormonism or the Nation of Islam).

brohammas said...

Its not everyday my people are placed in comparison with the Nation of Islam.
While a fair comparison by most popular perceptions, I would say innacurate upon principle....
unless the comparison was to simply imply we are both crazy, in which case, you are right.

FreeMan Press said...

@Brohammas - I don't know if the comment that followed mine was aimed at me but I feel like responding anyway.

The whole white people are devils thing is based off of reputation. Everywhere the white people went they seemed to kill, rape and pillage. From Africa, Asia to Latin America these same folk from the same region came to destroy. Now if you are the people they destroyed and you meet up with other people what would you call them CONQUERORS! If they raped women, make laws to keep people out and change other folks history then what do you call them good people. If the POPE uses god and says to cleanse the earth is good and blesses the rapist and killers do you call that religion GREAT?

Now I'm from Compton and it has a reputation that I can't live down. People think I am violent when i am not, people think I am ignorant when I am not but what can I do this is where I am from. I can scream at the top of my lungs but it doesn't matter this is what is thought of me. Now you might be a good white guy and have nothing to do with anything but you are part of that group so you have to deal with it. Don't worry it only comes from people that have been conquered so why worry? Enjoy the fruits of your father and live it up!

You can't take credit for greatness and then when shown the light of the evil say that's not me and my people. Sorry you can't have it both ways!

brohammas said...

FreeMan, I am quite aware of the sins of my fathers, and mine as well. I do not take personal the reputation earned by others who's group it is assumed I belong to. I even convinced some Malachi Z. York followers to let me attend thier classes, I figured if they think I come from aliens I should at least hear out thier rationale.
I have yet to get a true Rasta to sit down with me... which makes sense to anyone who actually studied the roots of Rastafarianism.
Go ahead and call me the devil, I understand how people came to that conclusion, but in doing so one must realize that in a very real way, making such sweaping judgments or conclusions, from either group, is what got all of us in this mess inthe first place.
Cycle has to be broken sometime... when and whom?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - I see that you love your wife from your Mother's Day post.
The dialogue your now having is probably pretty close to what she goes through most days with most people.
But yeah... these conclusions ARE what caused the problems to begin with.

FreeMan Press said...

@Brohammas - I agree the cycle has to be broken but it won't be without anything to go on except we should move on. In life I am sure you have done things to someone and haven't been forgiven for it. I believe with race it's one of those things. No matter how much you can wish something away it won't go away.

No matter how much people feel sorry for their actions it doesn't erase it at all. If someone was raped and you apologized would you be mad if they didn't accept it? I'll tell you when the cycle will break and that's when we are invaded by real aliens. Until that day we have a bunch of well wishers and a whole bunch more people who do not want things to change at all.

Nothing against you personally I'm sure you are a alright cat. I tried to use the Compton reference to show sometimes you can't escape your past, the difference is you wear yours!

RunningMom said...

There are so many things I want to say, but sometimes you just have to let the hate burn itself out.

@ CNu: "The human race comes in various shades of brown (from milk-chocolate to dark chocolate and every flavor in between). And coming from the same source, white and black are no more good or evil than the other."


RunningMom said...

Sorry - that quote should have been credited to Mr. NoFace (above)