Saturday, May 30, 2009

Have A Drink

Here you go FreeMan - have a Strong Island Tea.
Here you go brohammas - have some pineapple and cranberry juice.
RunningMom - sit back and have a Margarita.

The thing about these blogs is that it's like having people over for drinks and dinner.
Most are written in the way people speak (without regard for grammar or punctuation), a few are more deliberate and didactic.
But most share the common trait of being a vehicle to provide normally disparate people a place to interact.

I read the comment "I like your spot - I can curse here but not at my blog" on another site.
But that is disrespectful.
People go to New Orleans to have fun - but to leave a mess behind.
Most people act in a way that they wouldn't in their own home or their own environment.

So FreeMan and brohammas,
Sit back and have a drink and realize how similar your social beliefs are.
(See above post.)


FreeMan said...

Yeah people love to say that comment on my site. I don't find it disrespectful but like I said if you can't curse on your own blog then what are you saying. I'm now wondering are they giving their true opinion even when they don't curse. I personally think they curse because I take a side instead of just presenting a argument. I didn't want my blog to be a intellectual forum, as much as I threw down the gauntlet and tell people to defend yourself.

Truth be told I realize me and Brohammas have a lot in common it's just we haven't found a common topic to realize it for ourselves.

uglyblackjohn said...

Initialy, "I" took it as an insult for your spot.
I thought that people were saying that the were going down to the 'hood to go slumming.
But then I thought that it was more like people going to a pub to talk shit.

FreeMan said...

Yeah that's more of the way I see it. People have strong opinions but never get to say their thoughts uncut in most blogs. They are worried about being thought of as smart instead of just saying what the hell was on their mind. When you get to politically incorrect and no one cares about where the commas is supposed to go what do you really think? I actually enjoy it and it's about time I found a way to have people curse me out without a fist fight coming right after. LOL

Mr. Noface said...

Then it begs the question: If they can't be "real" on their blog, then why blog in the first place?

FreeMan said...

For the same reason that people go to concerts to be part of the action even if they can't hear or see the performer. Blogging is the new spectator sport people have something to say but alot of the time it's just background noise!

Mr. Noface said...

I think you have a point there!

RunningMom said...

Thanks for the drink, what are you having? ;) been away for a few days out of town... I'm playing catch-up with the reading.

brohammas said...

Pineapple and cranberry juice? Thanks man, usually people order me a shirley temple and think of themselves as very funny.
If you were talking about me in regards to the poor grammar I am offended. I have great grammar, the world's worst spelling, but great grammar. (I still havent figured out how to get sarcasm to come across affectively on blog comments).

Hey, I think being on this blog and included in that list is great company. Any of ya'll make it Philly let me know.

I'll admit I edit cursing from my blog, but then again I don't curse myself. I don't really have issue with "language", trust me I've hung with guys that make sailor's blush, but the majority of my readers, or the readers I really wish to reach, are quite often those who would stop listening... err, reading, with that stuff in there.

If your intent is to reach a specific audience, you have to talk in a way that allows them to listen.

FreeMan, I'm sure we can find the right topic, like a healthy disdain for Kobe.