Thursday, May 28, 2009

Black Test

Mr Jaycee brings up some good points on his post regarding when the line of being Black gets crossed.

Sure, everyone has their own definition of when one is black and when one is "Black".
(Sorry brohammas, but your daughter is Black.)
But many people who accuse Tiger of denying his Blackness do the same thing when they point out how "Ghetto" or "Hood" other Blacks can be.
Many of those same people would love to change places with Eldrick (sans white wife - or maybe even with).
Most Black sites do this (point out how they are not like those other Blacks whom they choose to ridicule).
But few understand that they are taking part in a mentality that has lead to failure after failure.
What makes some people just black (skinned) while others are Black?
And is this limited definition of Blackness really the cause of years of failure?


brohammas said...

Don't say "sorry she's black". I'm not sorry about it.

uglyblackjohn said...

No, not sorry 'that' she is Black - but that she is not mixed or part white or mulato or anything other than just plain Black.
Not as something to resent - but as something to just be.

SjP said...

Hope SjP's is not one of those sites of which you speak...