Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is She Black

Soledad O'Brien ?

Robin Roberts ?
Hoda Kotb ?

Richelle Carey ?

Allison Stewart ?
All; are in the same medium, get national exposure, speak in SAE, and have parents whose ancestry can be traced back to Africa.
None (currently) live the lives of the average American - let alone the average Black American.
But are these women considered Black?
Soledad is of Irish and Cuban decent.
Robin Roberts can't escape her Creole connections.
Hoda is an Egyptian/American and raised in the South.
Richelle is just hot.
And Allison went to Brown.
But does any of this make any of these obviously attractive ladies (I have a thing for tall, lean, educated and pretty women.) - Black?


SjP said...

What does "she" say "she" is?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ SjP - I really don't know.
Really, I don't care - I think they're all hot.
It's just that an Ivy League education, "good hair" (or good perms), speaking in SEA, and having a good job is being dismissed by many as "Non-Black".

achoiceofweapons said...

You hipped me to some really good looking Women I didn't know and some I did.
Here's a link to a post I did a while ago on the same subject. Please chime in.


Antonia - Beauty Health Finance and Green Issues Editor said...

Well, I think it can be hard knowing what a person is mixed with just by looking at them.

It can be pretty hard to tell sometimes.