Friday, May 15, 2009

Fat on Crack

Finally - a Black movie that deals with ideas, or concepts, or situations, or the human condition - And not just race, poverty, or hustling.
I can't stand the gravy sweating bombastic 'actress' Mo'Nique - but this film actually looks worth seeing.
Everyone says that crack makes one skinny - but I know around twenty big girls hooked on the stuff - usually they gain their weight back after a few months in jail.
Mariah and Mo'Nique seen as credible actors? Who knew?
But mix in an MJB women's anthem and this flick should deliver.
(I never thought I'd see the day when I could sit through 100 minutes of MoNique.)

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FreeMan Press said...

I'll wait for more reviews because I can't stand to look at her ass. She is irritating and so ignorant sounding that I got to wait on that to become a necessary. Right now I'll keep it in mind but as soon as I finish typing I taking it out of my mind.