Friday, May 22, 2009

Okay... I Get It

That women 'flip' over a pair of Chrtian Louboutin's red soled shoes is easy to see when, recently, I took a look at my shoe closet.
What in the hell do I need with twenty seven pairs of mostly all white Nike Shox (17 white/10 other)?
About twenty pairs were gifts.
But did I really need twenty seven pairs?
Did that little blue lettering or patent leather trim or gold stitching really make that much of a difference?
After a recent trip to the Goodwill, I'm down to seven.
But it's a far cry from those K-Swiss classics that would always rub your Achilles tendon raw.
Funny thing is - K-Swiss, Fila and Elisee were meant as luxury brands.
But K's, 501's and a white Polo were the ghetto ballin' uniform.


RunningMom said...

My son is a shoe fanatic, only for him it's air force one's... I'm paying $90 plus for a pair of plain white shoes that don't stay white for more than a second.

I love Nike Shox, 27 pair, that's a bit much, but uh... if you have closet space for all those shoes, I think I need to move in with you, lol

brohammas said...

My wife gave me hard time when I went out for shoes and got a pair of Timberland leather boat shoes
She said, "those? You bought white boy shoes?" To which I responded, "You have seen me right?"
I do however own three pairs of cleats: hard turf, wet turf, and artaficial turf, one pair of black shox for running, white pair of adidas for b-ball, teva trail running/water shoes, white pumas, white canvas topsiders, brown loafers, tan cap toes, two pairs of black dress shoes, one pair of brown leather dress boots, leather slides, leather flip flops (white boy shoes 2.0), winter hiking boots, and scuba fins.

now what I can never find is a stinking pair of matching dress socks. Why do I have 20 mismatched pairs of black socks?

FreeMan said...

Yeah those K-swiss were rigid in the back but that's because you didn't put on double footsie socks. I've only seen 27 pair of shoes during the LA riots. Other than that you need to take those electronic tags off before they come back and find your shoe stash.

Tairebabs said...

I am such a shoe fanatic! I sometimes can't help myself. But I have started to down size on my addiction. The Christian Louboutin's shoes are so lovely.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ RunningMom - C'mon down. I have three extra, fully furnished, rooms.

But I didn't buy all those shoes - I mearly mentioned that I only liked Shox and people always gave them to me as gifts.

@ brohammas - Oh... don't even get me started on cleats, slides, b-ball shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes and golf spikes...
In addition to Cole Haans for casual dress, Salvadore Feragamo for dress dress and Donald Pliners for clubbing.
And then there are the work boots for hot weather, cold weather and rain.

Maybe it's because I sometimes went through streaks of having almost nothing as a child.
I was just pointing out that even I fell for the okie-doke that "More-Is-More".

@ FreeMan - LMBAO.
Yeah... I couldn't wear two pairs of footsies because I didn't have two pairs of socks.

But I didn't buy them all at once. It's been over a five or six year period. I just wear them as walking around shoes, to run to the store or go visiting people.

@ Tairebabs - Aren't ALL women crazy for shoes?

Anonymous said...

The moral of the story-Goodwill.
Thanks for the leading with a good example.