Saturday, May 9, 2009

We're The Man (And One Woman)

I'm often called "arrogant", "stuck-up" or told that I must "Think I'm too good for (fill in the blank)".
I'm often called a "Poor little rich kid" - although "Rich little poor kid" is more like it.
Maybe these people are correct - maybe not.
I'm just a regular guy.
I'm usually popular in most situations - but I don't really like that many people.

But I can't hang out with scrubs.
Scrubs always end up hating on you because of their shortcomings.
Scrubs always end up talking ish about you when they've found another butt to lick.
Scrubs always end up hating on you - because they are not you.

But my patron saint of blogging, Sojourner ( ), has mercifully bestowed the blog honor "Splash Award" upon me.
But there are rules for such things (and I'm allowed to pass the honor on to up to nine other bloggers whom I find; amusing, alluring, bewitching, impressive or inspirational).
The one who receives the award must;
1) Place the Splash Award logo on their post and site (blog).
2) Nominate up to nine blogs that inspire, bewitch, amuse, etc. .
3) Be sure to link to your nominations.
4) Let the recipient know of the award on their blog.
5) Mention and link to the person from whom the award was received.

But these people (bloggers) are not haters.
IMO - They are part of the Pantheon of hard hitting bloggers who don't just entertain, or tell a tale - they all make you think.

First in my Pantheon is SeeNew at Subrealism.
Craig is the Olorum (African god of Truth, Control of the Elements, and Destiny).
This is my last blog read of any given day because reading his spot is like taking an exam.
(Do the questions you know first and then spend what time is left to try to figure out the answers to the more perplexing problems - and then in the last five minutes... guess. But guessing is not allowed at this site - better to know the material. *Asking questions IS allowed.)
SeeNew even offers lists of prerequisite reading to be able to follow the discussions on his site.
Damn... and I thought that I was through with school.

Next up is Denmark Vesey.
Talk about instigating a fight - DV's comment section is filled with the learned who are not afraid to have an opinion (or to break yours down until you can refine them with appurtenant points.)
Dv is Shango - African god of Thunder, Storm, War and Magic.

My man FreeMan at FreemanPress is Katonda - African god of Help, Judgement, Oracles, and "When the odds are against you".
Do we disagree? Often.
Do we have beef? Nah, man - we ain't worried about that little ish.
Let the haters hate - this is just men having a man's talk.

Newly ascended is MrNoFace at Mr No Face's Shrug Life.
This kid is sharp.
If I'm choosing someone to get to the next level - this is he.
Shrug is Asa - African god of Mercy, Help and Surviving the Impossible.

The last on my list is (ironically) SjP.
It still amazes me that anyone as erudite as Sojourner would even drop by my spot.
SjP is my patron saint of blogging.
She is Oddudua - African Primary Mother goddess.

And thus my pantheon is complete.
The funny thing is - most of these people have little time for such things as blog awards.
To tell the truth, I don't see how the volume bloggers do it.
How can they learn anything from that many people talking (writing) at once?
I just like to have a sensible conversation with sensible people.
I get enough nonsense in my day-to-day life. Why ask for more here?

Just as in life, I'm not impressed with much.
But I like these blogs. All fit all of the categories required.
All are concerned with being good more than they concerned with being popular (No ads or widgets), but it seems that they are respected and popular anyway.

So, thank you SjP - and all the other bloggers who keep me in class.


Freeman Press said...

I thought you always agreed with me! LOL thanks for the recognition and I'll keep trying to post things that create the need to converse for clarity.

RunningMom said...

Congrats! You deserve it!

SjP said...

Oh my!!!

I'm seeing this on Mother's Day so you know it is truly warming my heart.

Much obliged! Very Much obliged!

CNu said...

DV Anansi...,

Thanks for the ups mayne!

I wish I'd made your blogospheric acquaintance last year. I spent most of August and September in Lake Charles LA and could've made that Beaumont run in a heartbeat.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - Yeah, the exchange is one I can't really get in my day to day life. Most people are afraid to disagree.

@ RunningMom - Thanks.

@ SjP - I wasn't sure if it was allowed to give props back to the giver, but this was my "Fantastic Four" (okay five) post that had to fit all of my list of Titans.

@ SeeNew - Man... I have about a thousand cousins in Lake Charles and get over to The Boot whenever I can find the time.
Why LC? At McNeese?

uglyblackjohn said...

re: Anansi - Yeah... but I'd had a lot of trickster gods in earler posts - had to spread the love to other aspects of the culture.

CNu said...

at Bellsouth...,

Mr. Noface said...

I appreciate the appreciation, my dude!