Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mormons ?

- We are taught cleanliness inwardly and outwardly with the practice of good manners and respect to one and all.

- We are taught that the family is the backbone of society and that our children must be reared to the highest morals and training to perfect our society.

- We are taught to eat and prepare the best of food for the longevity of life, without the use of alcohol, smoking and substance abuse which endangers the ethics of healthy living.

- We are taught to respect and protect our women who are the mothers of our civilization.

- Our women are taught to a dress code of modesty that will lead to the practice of high morality.
- We are taught to be an exemplary community expressing the highest spiritual goals for the reform of ourselves and others based on wisdom, knowledge and beauty.


Nope... NOI.


FreeMan said...

I'm sure plenty of people who read my blog are unaware that I use some of the Nations teachings in my posts. See what presented is the dilemma of the modern man how can a group that we think of as racist want the same things out of life as the decent folk? How can those bigots expect and respect the highest of standards of their own? When you are fed propaganda and the public is lazy then assumptions make you think that the terrorists are jealous of our way of life when that makes absolutely no sense. I like how you used the Mormons because if we assigned them these rules everyone would say the are good people but when you revealed it was the NOI all the happy feelings disappeared but the big question is why?

brohammas said...

I have a great respect for the NOI. Back when I was hanging around ATL, dressed like the guys in the picture above, I got to talk to all sorts of people... most of them claiming to be religious (Bible belt and all).
I found that more than most all other religious groups the NOI were respectful, polite (you would be amazed how a white shirt and name tag gets people to throw southern hospitality out the window), willing to talk, and above all more informed as to thier own doctrines than most.

I have no problem with those who believe differently than me. I have no problem with someone being unsure as to what they think. I do have a problem with someone trying to tell me what I believe without being willing to answer questions, or being uninformed as to thier OWN teachings. We got a lot of that...2 years worth.

The NOI folk were always a class above. We may have some fundamental differences but most were always willing to discuss, or at least cordially part ways... I didnt get a lot of cordial.

There was that one bean pie guy who shouted me down, convinced that any white guy in a tie had money and was shouting I wouldnt eat the pie because he touched it. I asked if I could eat it for free and he cursed me out.

He was most definately the exeption.

I can relate to your ire over missconceptions more than you think FreeMan. Go ask any Southern Baptist minister if Mormons are "good people".