Friday, May 15, 2009


Philosopher William Fontaine aside - when did it become a luxury for Black people to think?

Some blame the end of Segregation. ('"They' only taught us about 'Their' history.")
Others blame the poor quality of our schools. ('"They' don't give us the good books.")
Others blame poverty. ("We got (sic) real problems."
Others blame "Mr. White Man". (When told that their actions, lack of education or lack of social skills are what are holding them back, "Whatevah" is usually the reply.)

But none of these factors have the ability to suppress thought.
These are only conditions - they have little to do with a culture that dismisses and castigates those who think bigger thoughts or dream bigger dreams or take the bigger steps.
At what point in time did "We" become the "They" that are holding us back?
And when did the ability to think become a negative?

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FreeMan Press said...

It became a negative when the thoughts of the ignorant set the bar for what is acceptable amongst our race. The talented 10th took their bougie ways and created a black copy of white society instead of making something uniquely their own. They created a society that reinforces white society through trying to fit in and be agreeable. So as a result those who did not want to do that and just couldn't do that grew their own ideology and chose to label all that white is not as black. Each went a bit too far but the talented 10th forgot they are only 10% and thus their ideology would never win when the other 90% despise them.