Thursday, May 21, 2009

Break Rocks

Let's just pay everybody to break rocks.
Why not?
This is roughly the model of our current economic system.
Banks failed because that many levels of profit making are not required.
The Auto Industry is failing because we don't need that many cars.
Companies are firing people because most of the work being done is redundant.


FreeMan Press said...

If you let the public know everything has broken down to crumbs then they will fight over crumbs. Right now the masses optimism is going on vapors don't ruin the public's contact high when they think they got the oohhh weeee!

CNu said...

absolute capitalist hierarchical make work food production system in full muhphuggin effizzi....,

(whole lot less "make work" activity to go around now under the current mode of socio-economic organization. If people don't move to shift themselves into an alternative mode of socio-economic organization soon, that percentage for whom "make work" no longer exists will be "liquidated")

uglyblackjohn said...

Yeah... I think that some of the Have-Nots will still be around to do any of the required work.

But those who used to be able to just collect a check (and mis-spend it) for standing around on their jobs will be the ones fighting over crumbs.