Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moral or Legal

So is the argument a moral one or a legal one?
And according to whose morals?


brohammas said...

Thanks man, you have now joined the ranks of the mobile billboard that drives around the city, that loud guy who wears the sandwich boards at any large public outdoor gathering, and that lady who got hauled off of Airforce One.

why would either of those be OK?

I say your right to choose should be exercised before you lie down. You can choose your actions but you don't necessarily get to choose the consequences.
(of course there should be exemptions for rape, incest, health of mother, those are outside the realm of choice)

SjP said...

Free will cannot be legislated. Whether Roe v Wade is repealed or not - women will always exercise their free will to choose.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - Nah man...
It just amazes me that so many people who are pro-choice are anti-Vick.
I'm just a 'people first' kinda' guy.

@ SjP - Heck no... you have a helpful spot that points out cultural situations that need to be improved.

Some others just 'down' segments of society that they may feel better than - but then hate on segments that they feel are (somehow unfairly) better than them.

Mr. Noface said...

Ah, the contridictions (hypocrasy?) of human (liberal?) morality! Gotta love it, no?

D.J. said...

Mark is always teasing me about Michael Vick. I love animals and I hate the whole dog fighting thing. For some records, I am pro choice. I am not a woman I will never get pregnant, i got no right to tell someone else what they can and can't do, and if there are consequences down the line, they get to pay them, not me.

Now personally i dont like abortion and when i was younger I wass still pro choice but very anti abortion. Then I got to meet some kids that grew up in a system that was made "for them."

All this talk about giving the baby up for adoption, we don't have a system in place for this type of thing, the one we have is broken, i mean big time. nobody should have to go thru that. So if nobody will be able to properly care for the kid then do what you must.

And talk about hypocrasy, I think Michael Vick should have been punished for what he did. Dog fighting just aint cool, but I don't think he should have be turned into a pariah, I mean Michael Phelps is on his second strike and all he got was an off season suspension.

RunningMom said...

I guess I missed where Michael Phelps abused animals for sport? I thought he was more into self-abuse.

Vick took living, breathing, feeling animals and made them fight, abused them, traumatized them, tortured them and made money from it. Why wouldn't that deserve jail time?

Curious said...

I've seen this post before and for some reason I let it go. I will say now though that I don't believe that abortions were ever done in the name of entertainment or sport and to compare one to the other is beyond reason.