Saturday, May 2, 2009

Before Jordan

Who has the best selling athletic shoe line of all time - even long after they retired from playing basketball?
Need a hint?
The parent company of his brand's line is Nike?
Need more help?
Just about everyone has owned a pair of his shoes at one point in their lifetime.

Do you remember these?
Yup... Chucks (or Cons or All Stars).
These were the original cross trainers - not by choice, but usually out of necessity (we only had enough money to get one pair of shoes each. And Chucks were it.)
These shoes weren't comfortable.
They offered no support.
They were easily soiled.
But they were only ten bucks a pair during Back To School sales.
We wore Chucks because we were broke - today, kids wear Chucks as almost a joke.


Roc said...

Could have sworn you'd say "Jordans"

RunningMom said...

Chuck's are soooo uncomfortable, but still sweet. I like them on kids more than adults, but grown folks can rock the low tops. They had some pink ones I had my eye on at Target ;)

brohammas said...

white low top chucks are the best.

nothing looks more appropriate dangling from the power lines than old school "chucks".

RiPPa said...

You're right, everybody had a pair of Chucks.

Freeman Press said...

I had a pair of red chucks and still keep a pair of white with a red line on them. I laugh at Chucks and Kswiss because they were our ghetto clean uniform. I used to run to the swap meet and get some fresh white chucks or kswiss classics for like 20 bucks and keep them polished for a dance or something.

I had to move away from the chucks because those shoes are made from BS. Man those shoes are for frontin only because you will roll a whole lower leg to hell with a ankle trying to use them in any athletics.