Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Black G.O.A.T.

And then what happens?
What happens when you've beaten the odds and acquired all the goods, passed every test and are in a position to have an influence on how others live?
What happens when you've become too big, strong or smart to be effected by the most common aspects of 'isms'?
What happens when those from whom you've come are no longer able to keep up?
What happens when those in power see you as one of those in power?
What happens when you are alone at the top?
What happens when the only ones who can relate to your state of being are at the zenith of the next mountaintop a range away?
To whom do you now speak?
With whom do you now hang?

Do you go back down the mountain to bring more people up?
Or is there only room at each peak for only one?
Do those below even have the desire or the ability to survive in such a harsh atmosphere?
Are others at the tops of their game (but on the other peaks) more similar to your current mental and physical state?
But what if no one looks like you, talks like you or even acts like you?
Do you go back down the mountain to force people to live the life you've chosen (even if 'chosen" by acident)?
Is everyone else just not able to see and do what you are?
Are you obligated to "make" them learn your lessons - even though most are not able?

Are you just one of the many who will wear a path into foundation for others to see - and in turn, follow as their ability permits?
Are you just one step in the process - and not the final answer?
Are you somehow super-talented, or super-smart, or super-strong, or just super-lucky?
Are your abilities just greater than the common man - but you fail to realize this because it just comes naturally to you?
Are you really only trying to help others get to where you're going because it's lonely traveling in such rare air by oneself?

But now, where do you belong?
In the old group whose ways and abilities you've already surpassed?
In the new power group whose ways you've always fought?
Or are you just meant to do all this alone? (As the price paid for being first.)

Or do you regress and find comfort in past (and passed) ways?
Do you hinder progress for others who may wish to follow your new path because you can't live this way?
What happens when you become the Black G.O.A.T?


FreeMan Press said...

Didn't you tell me to write a blog? I thought that was the solution.

As one who feels like this post hits to the core of who I am I will give you my thinking on the topic.

We go for the big goal! By the time you ask yourself the questions you presented it's not even worth thinking about because you can't go back. Now do you go one on one trying to encourage people to live up to their true potential or do you sit down and think about what you can build that enables a couple of them get there? I go with the building of course because to get involved in who fucked who, who has a bigger BMW, who takes a longer vacation and who owns the most franchises will fucking dumb you down.

I don't know if you can just see further or if the steps have never been presented in a logical way that others can follow. Just like people with a good foundation can go further than others you have to build the foundation to see if you are talented or just the lucky one. To say it is lonely is a understatement but to say you'd rather be ignorant is not a good alternative.

If you believe your own hype then you are a juggernaut and you should proceed to build because you can. If no one can compare to you then there shouldn't be too many people who can stop you right? So we build!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - Yeah, it's like being in the middle of a long and dark tunnel where you can't see the light in either direction.
Going forward could potentialy lead to a dead end - but going back is just going backwards.