Thursday, May 28, 2009

MV vs. PC

I hate to get all DV on y'all but...
Who is worse?


achoiceofweapons said...

Wow what a choice. On one side a private issue that should remain with the individual and a dude who fought dogs that most people say are too vicious to be pets.

Give me a break. 8-)
Go Lakers!

RunningMom said...

As we discussed before - I hate the idea of abortion, but believe in a woman's right to choose. A woman who chooses to have an abortion typically doesn't do it for "sport". They don't typically enjoy seeing the legs or arms of their unborn children ripped off, or their bloody carcasses lying on the middle of the floor. They do it because they are desperate, hopeless, victims of rape or incest and yes - sometimes because they are just plain stupid. I would guess that not too many women make that same mistake twice.

Michael Vick is a sick MF'er who tortured dogs for fun over and over and over. Thankfully, MOST of the dogs that were rescued from MV have been rehabilitated and many are turning out to be great dogs. One of his dogs, Hector, has been adopted by Roo Yori, who is also the owner of another famous Pit named Wallace. You can check them out at

FreeMan said...

Dogs aren't human and anyone who is mad at that should see a video on how they kill Cows. The hypocrisy of people blows my mind because if you see a horse killed with a bullet you would think that's cruel too. But since Vick was torturing dogs that a couple of years ago the same public wanted to make extinct shows how much people are followers.

I wonder if KalKan pet food is behind PETA on the Vick issues. I bet you dog food sales went through the roof when Vick went to jail.

uglyblackjohn said...

Kill a Baby = Good ?
Kill a Dog = Bad ?
One is forgiven the other condemned?

RunningMom said...

Kill a Baby = Jail
Kill a Dog = Jail

Abort a Fetus = Bad, but legal
Abort a Dog fetus = Bad, but also legal. You can get abortions for your dog that are perfectly legal.

brohammas said...

I spent some time watching the Falcons trainig camp a while back.
Vick was throwing the prettiest passes I have ever seen. Like lasers without even a hint of waggle or real arc. Like guided missiles. i almost cried.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - it's almost THAT time of year - when the Utah teams get left out,
and USC gets all the glory