Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where's The Beef?

It's the Internet - not Pac and Biggie.
The last two fights I was in, I didn't even know I had.

In the first one - some big azz former prisoner on steroids started talking ish to me at the club. The last thing that I remember him saying was, "I'm not scared of you". I went back to talking to a table of ladies and the next moment, I saw the guy on the ground surrounded by a group of men. I barely know the guys but they told me that they weren't going to let anyone eff with me. I won the "fight" without ever having to throw a punch. I'm a regular size guy (about 6'1", 230) and I can handle mine. It just seems odd that I rarely have to fight, even in rough situations.

In my most recent "fight". Some of my friends and I walked past another group of guys. I guess some ish jumped off and I had to square-up on some guy. The guy was in a left-handed fighting stance (awkward for me). I switched to put my weight on my back leg in a kick-boxing stance. The guy changed up into a low wrestler's stance. Again, he took the better position. I came forward in a high-handed open stance. The guy did they same. I nodded and laughed. The guy smiled and nodded and we all just walked away.
One of his guys asked; "What happened?".
"De taunt" I said.
The guy agreed and laughed.

I don't like to fight. I hate it. One of my exes got mad at me for asking a guy if he was alright after I resolved an issue with the guy who thought that he was going to do some damage with a knife. She thought that I was showing weakness.

Two of my favorite bloggers are (mostly) polar opposites of each other. I enjoy their pedantic arguments over minutia.
But by reading opposing views, I get a more complete picture of the subject matter. We don't learn anything reading and regurgitating the same things from the same memes.
Progress comes from doing something different or doing something better.

It seems that each blog has it's own clique. These cliques generally agree on everything on each other's blogs and disagree with blogs and posts that vary from their own.
I've been cussed-out many times for asking questions or stating opinions other than what is popular at any given site.
How many times have you been attacked (by the host or his/her readers) for having a seemingly controversial view?
How many times have your comments not been approved by a blogger about their posts?
How many of your regulars feel the need to "get your back" at someone else's site?

This is the Internet.
We're supposed to exchange ideas - not just reiterate what someone else said.


RunningMom said...

I liked the fighting stance story - that was great! You had a duel and never touched the guy.

I'm not afraid to disagree with bloggers although, I also don't go after blogs I disagree with just to do so.

Like attracts like, and so I like to read blogs of folks that I like what they have to say. Like yours :)

RiPPa said...

Well said my man. I've been blogging for 3yrs now mostly on social network sites before now. And yes, it can get hectic with the whole clique thing. Personally, I don't do cliques. I roll solo always. I hate nothing more than to be belittled for having a different opinion. I look at this social experiment we call blagging as an opportunity for learning and growth. I'm just glad that I'm mature enough to understand people and the way they act.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ RunningMom - Thanks.
But then the problem becomes that there is rarely any real progress.
FreemanPress, Cobb and Subrealism have the best arguments and the most knowledge given by their warring comments.
@ Rippa - Yea, I welcome when people disagree with me too. They might be right and I'll learn something in the process.

brohammas said...

Great post.
I've learned that some things can't be argued in some formats, or at least without some basic common ground. I cannot argue religion with someone who does not have some basic doctrinal stance, just as I cannot argue social issues if the foundation of a view is religious, and based on that religion, non-negotiable.

I love agood verbal joust, but if I'm going to expend effort it should be toward something where progress is possible.

One drawback to the cyberworld is it allows for continued self segregation on the basis of ideas and tastes. You gather to those most like you based on criterea of your own choosing. It creates one large group think.

I started writing essays on my blog for the sole purpose of wanting to bounce my ideas and insights of issues off people who I thought were normally not inclined to see things my way. I wanted to refine my presentation of these ideas to see if I could actually change minds and have influence for good.

Results have been mixed.

I have crashed "mommy blogs" who took small missteps on issues of race and been totally blackballed as a result. I have blasted back "reply all" to people who have forwarded racist emails and then had those same people complain because thier co-workers and boss were on that reply list. Why is it OK for you to forward racist remarks to your boss, but not OK for that boss to see my reply?

So what do we do...become social justice trolls?

SjP said...

John, I don't mind the controversial view - frankly I welcome it. But, just like in my house, I won't allow anyone to disrespect the "lady" of the house. So, when folks in the blogsphere disrespect my "house" on a continuous basis then they are banned from coming in (comments deleted and even ip address blocked).

I am always happy when SjP's guest book expands but I am truly thankful and appreciative of my regulars. And I must say that I've learned quite a lot over the last year. Sometimes it may be a reiteration of what someone said elsewhere or sometimes its considering an original thought or theory. But nonetheless, it has been a learning and eye-opening experience for me.

As you know, I do participate in a couple of memes. One of them is Wordless Wednesdays. Initially, I'd post a picture or something of particular interest to me. After a while, doing so got to be mundane and for me, without meaning. Then one day while visiting the blog Black and Missing but not Forgotten, I made the decision to use my WWs to feature Black men, women, and children who are missing and endangered.

I've been cussed-out at my own spot and at others for having a different point of view. Don't think I've ever had a comment deleted though. But, that has not stopped me from "telling the truth" as I see it. And you know what? That's fine with me. That's the nature of a good debate as long as the arguments make sense.

Love your spot - but you already know that! :>)

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Brohammas - Yeah... I blog to learn not to teach (I know... that's obvious). I don't mind people challenging my views - I welcome it. I'm wrong a lot... A LOT. So any time someone can offer more than my limited perspective, I'm fine with it.

@ SjP - Some trolls live to disrespect. But I think that's why I don't put a thousand widgets on my spot. I'd rather have a few people that I can interact with than I would a thousand that I just glance at their comments.