Sunday, December 21, 2008


So the California courts have ruled that it's unlawful to assist someone who is in danger.,0,6547898.story
I can just see this now on mid-morning television advertisements.
Did someone pull you from a burning car? Administer the Heimlich maneuver? Prevent you from being mugged or raped? You may be able to collect damages... just dial 1-800-285-7448 to speak to our attorneys.

I've helped three people out of their cars after an accident in my lifetime.
One woman still has my jacket - (the second incident - she was drunk).
One guy was cool -( the third incident - his car was on fire and I had a foam extinguisher in my truck - he needed minimal assistance)
And one pregnant woman accused my friend Robbie and me of stealing money from her purse. (the first incident - the "B" bled all over the truck on the way to the hospital).
So not only does one risk people being ungrateful.
They can now be sued!


brohammas said...

My best tackle ever wasn't playin ball. I saw a guy beating the mess out of a girl who was on the ground screaming for help.
He was the smelliest drunk I have ever met and had to hold him down till the cops showed up. He probably would have tried to sue me if lawyers ever went anywhere near that nieghborhood.

Everyday I drive past a billboard with big words, "Who can I sue? .com"

That's great.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the law is just plain wrong. In this case if you know you are going to get sued how many people are going to help at all. Now you will have to pull someone out of the car and park around the corner so they don't have your license plate. It's going to go to Vigilante Samaritans who help and then run from the cops. I think this will impede the whole process for the cops because usually the one who helps is the one who watched the whole thing happen. Got to love California we always have laws that are controversial.