Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gnostics to NATO (A New World Order?)

From the Gnostics,
to the Masons,
to the Merovingians,
to the Illuminati,
to the Rockefeller Foundation,
to the PNAC,
all have sought to acquire (or claimed to possess) the secrets of God - in their quest to form the next New World Order.

Some Lessons From the Underground History of American Education
tells the story of America's architects of modern education and their plan to create the two class system that America seems to be embracing today.
Who would have known that The Rockefeller Foundation was so instrumental in planning for a global economy?
The lengths that the establishment seem to be going to retain their power would almost seem Machiavellian.

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RiPPa said...

Lets not forget the Rothschilds, and their part in the scheme...