Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fat And Happy

A British article asserts that a woman who is a size 14 is probably the happiest size woman.
Nicole Richie (size 00 - yes, that's a size) often seems morose.
Little Raven seems happy and livin' large!

Even the Queen gets love in Hollywood.
I'm not into the bigger-is-better thing (Pam Greir at any point in her life would be my ideal). But I do find some big girls attractive. It's more of a personality thing.
Camryn Manheim, Kim Coles and the Queen just seem nice. And in turn - attractive.
Mo'Nique, Star Jones, Rosanne Barr and Rosie seem bitter. And in turn - disgusting!
The ten hottest big girls;
I never heard of most of them.


Anonymous said...

That Christina Schmidt photo is pretty damn hot. And the Queen... Need I say more...

You are so right. Beauty comes from inside and shines through. A little bit of confidence and I find something hot in that. No matter what the size.

RunningMom said...

Yay for the thick girls! I would fall into the "plus-size" category. I wear a 16 jean right now. Would like to get back down to a 10/12.

I like my curves and i'm more interested in being healthy than being skinny. But it's definitely about attitude, personality and charm. And how you carry yourself.

I get complimented all the time, but I also know how to dress for my body and smile ;)

? said...

I feel you on the bigger-is-better issue. Pam Grier is about perfect on all counts, but I also like a Ki Toy type of figure too.

Debo Blue said...

Thanks for the recognition.

Too bad I fit in the Mo'Nique weight category. But I'm still fly!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ AA - Confidence IS key. Many people confuse it with arrogance.

@ RM - Yep! Dress like a ho, get treated like a ho. Dress (and act) like a lady, get treated the same.

@ classical one - Ki Toy? Body, yep! But I hate the way she speaks. Definitely from behind with her face in the pillow so her dialect wouldn't distract me.

@ Debo - Weight isn't the issue so much as her attitude. I just can't stand Mo'Nique... she just looks like she sweats gravy.

Invisible Woman said...

@ubj: i won't EVEN comment on your answers to classical one and debo--damn!

on another note, now i know why i am so crotchety most of the time.. :-)

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 31 08

Happy New Year UBJ:
Some of the women just look normal to me. Then again, I am a size sixteen and proud:)