Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BCS Picks

Rose - USC over Penn State - USC by 33. (Goodnight Joe Pa.)
Orange - V Tech over Cincinnati - (Neither is in the top ten, who cares?)
Sugar - Utah over Alabama -( Alabama will still be stung by the loss to Florida.)
Fiesta- Texas over Ohio State (Texas has more to prove.)
Championship - Florida over Oklahoma (Oklahoma is 0-4 in BCS games. Should be a shoot-out. Take the over.)

-How did a 6-6 Notre Dame make a bowl?
-Undefeated Boise State will be tested in San Diego in the Pointsetta Bowl by tough 10-2 TCU squad.
- Former Nebraska quarterback Turner Gill has coached his Buffalo team to it's first bowl in 50 years (Buffalo had earlier turned down an invitation to the Tangerine Bowl because it's Black players were banned from participation.).
Coach Gill is now one of the few coaches mentioned for the few high profile head coaching slots in NCAA football.

(BMI - can we get a few points on the index for this?)


brohammas said...

Utah over Alabama, and you are serious.

This is now my favorite blog EVER.

Go Utes!

CVT said...

6-6 Notre Dame made a bowl for the same reason that Ty Willingham got fired after three seasons at ND with a 21-15 overall record, while Charlie Weiss (the "offensive mastermind" with no offense) is still there, going in for his fifth year (after going 22-13 in his first three, then staying mediocre this year).

I smell blatant racism - but nobody seems to care.

On a lighter note - I just don't think Utah is strong enough to match up with Alabama; this is a long way from Urban Meyer's Utah team.

And thanks for the nod in your previous post.

DPizz said...

UglyJohn, stick to your racial analysis dude. Your BCS prognostications are whack! Definitely USC over Penn State, but not by 33. The D is awesome. The O is only so so. They are capable of being great, but, frankly, Sanchez has been disappointingly mediocre; capable, but mediocre. Penn State is probably rated higher than they should be; yet, they are still a solid team and will put up a good fight.

I happen to like Cincinnati over V Tech. V Tech's whole offense is predicated on their mostly running quarterback, which can be devasting - as illustrated by Vince Young - but dude at V Tech is good, but he aint Vince Young. Cincinnati is more balanced and strong on both sides of the football.

Look, I have believed that Alabama was a pretender all season, but Utah will not take them.

Yes, Texas over Ohio easy.

Oklahoma over Florida. This year's Oklahoma team is too good. They will not lose 5 BCS games in a row. The SEC was overrated this year. Top to bottom, they are the best conference this year, but the best teams in country were in the Big 12 (as much as I hate to say it). Florida is very good. Agree, it should be a good game, but wait to see what the over/under is before you take it.

Stay out of the sports book with your pics. You think you are poor now....