Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Smart, Brits, Shoes and the Amero

What happens when you are too smart for your own good?
Apparently, not much.
Seems like a scene from the Darren Aronofsky film Pi.

What happens when you throw your shoes at the POTUS?
You get thrown in jail and beaten.

For all of you Anglophiles; It looks like many Brits are having trouble keeping their families together.
It would seem that single parenthood and it's consequences are not endemic to Urban America.
Maybe the problem IS social and not racial.

Are you ready for the Amero? Maybe this is the reason the immigration issue was dropped from the national dialogue during this past election cycle.
Me... paranoid?
Maybe a bit.


RunningMom said...

The shoe thing was funny - disrespectful, but funny. Before now, that guy would have lost his life... thankfully he was only beaten. Something I'm sure he expected given the circumstances.

Single parenthood crosses all ethnicites and social statuses - come on now - you know better than that. Sometimes single parenthood is a choice, sometimes it's situational. All the time the single parent has the ability to choose not to do it again. Even folks with no education know that having more kids doesn't typically make you better off financially.

As for the NAU (North American Union) - I need to do more research. Let's just say I won't be caught off-guard like some folks who still don't know anything about it.

Anonymous said...

I personally like the shoe throw I wish he would hit the cat. Then had a follow up with a curve show to the side of the face. Single parenting is a sign of the times. The Amero is so weird to figure out because you just hear conflicting reports. But I'll tell you one thing as a guy in International trade it makes logical sense to me because that lane from Laredo to Canada already exists it's just they have to go through Customs Brokers and Customs. So once they drop the whole Customs process I'll go and by the Amero

uglyblackjohn said...

@ RM - "Single parenthood..."
Yes, that was the point.