Thursday, December 4, 2008


Total world domination.
The idea is nothing new.
No amount of prescience is required.
Just a little reading.
If the state of current world affairs seems to be out of control, read who is in control.
Did Obama seem a bit unsure of himself after his briefing by by the CIA? Maybe he learned a truth that many of us never will.
Maybe he was told that he is now a lifetime member of the club (for how ever long that may be).


Anonymous said...

Ignorance is Bliss and also deadly. PNAC must be doublespeak for White Rule all over the world. I think it's arrogant to make a non-profit organization that says they are going to promote American global leadership. Now as I Black guy I have always suspected this anyway but it's another thing to actually make the organization public. Hey UBJ you might want to watch the video that I am going to link to tomorrow past the Jesus stuff. It speaks exactly to this post.

Anonymous said...

Also your link to Blacks Gives back is not working. I think you forgot the s after give.

SjP said...

I've always thought that when POTUSs get sworn in that that is when they really find out whats going on and why they can't deliver on the promises made during their campaigns.So, now I'm figurining that that realization might come before they get sworn in. You just might be right...