Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Did Iman just want a "Trophy Husband" in David Bowie?

Maybe Halle just couldn't find a decent Black guy.

George Lucas must be slumming. Or maybe it's the slave/master fixation.

Hot-tress Zoe Saldana must not be able to find a "Real Brotha'" either - now that she has made it.

Somehow rapper Paul Wall gets a pass. Maybe it's because he "Acts Black".

Lucy Lui's man must be suffering from some sort of Asian fixation.

Mike Tyson must have been too Black for Robin Givens.

Maury must have an old school fetish for Asian women.

Even a bi-racial brotha' can't get a pass for going white.

Tasteless Full Metal Jacket quotes aside, Wayne Brady must be settling.

CVT - "... but let's be easy on the references to the hotness of Asian women."
No offense was intended but there are a lot of beautiful Asian women. And just like all races - there are some butt ugly ones too.
As I stated earlier, I have no fetish for any one race of women. I see a great deal of beautiful women from all races.
I seem to go through stages of; short women, then to blonds, then on to tall women, then to dark hair, then to short hair, then to really smart women, then on to really great personalities and so on.
Black women seem to get the most upset if I'm with a non-Black woman. Black guys just seem to understand what I see in each.
The other women in the racial group that I'm dating seem to be okay with it too. The Asian, Hispanic or white guys seem to be the most upset with me "taking one of their women".
If I date a darker Black woman, the light-skinned women say that I'm color struck or trying to be more Black.
If I date a light-skinned Black woman, the darker women comment that I'm color-struck or that I'm trying to be white.
I date whom I like at the time.
And if I'm not effing you and you don't like whom I'm effing, eff you.
I'm all for the Black family.
But when did bi-racial children stop being Black?
What inter-racial couples are acceptable?


RunningMom said...

If you believe the one drop rule (which I do not, but many still refer to) then - If all black/brown people made babies with all yellow/cream people then all the world would be "black".

Think our problems would go away? NOPE! Because then people would be making issues with your shade of brown. Ridiculous.

Men and women of all shades and all backgrounds are BEAUTIFUL. I never understand folks who only look at one type as attractive. Makes me wonder how they see the rest of the universe.

Unknown said...

It's all good. I'm not bothered like I used to be about folks dating certain folks. Whatever works for the individual...However, George Lucas dating or married to a sister (whichever the case may be) is news to me.

Conservative Black Woman said...

All inter-racial couples are acceptible (to me at least). I must say I am please when I see a black woman marry outside her race because it beats being single -- (70% of black women are single).

Inter-racial children are free to identify as they choose (It's not what they call you its what you answer to--right?)

I don't give a flyin' fig who dates who, what color they are or their preferences.

Sorry UBJ that you get flack from "silly women" regarding the "hue" of your love interest.

brohammas said...

Gotta say when I was scrolling down I saw the "what’s wrong with this picture" question next to David Bowie and my first thought was, "he’s not wearing a glittery leotard".

I now see that wasn’t the point of your post.

I don’t get much static being in a mixed relationship. Most people aren’t bold enough to react visibly in public. It does depend on the venue. If we are in a particularly afrocentric place black men tend to mean mug me and openly make advances on my wife. Most white people, if not forewarned, simply act surprised and then awkwardly curious.

When do mixed kids stop being black? I would say who or what you are has mostly to do with who raises you and how they do it. My wife and I are married (I know I’m being redundant), we are both active in raising our daughters, and as a result they are BOTH black and white. Both cultures and groups are represented in their blood, in their surroundings, and in their lives.

Halle is with that dude because I was taken.

uglyblackjohn said...

Yes, but Halle, Tiger, The Rock, etc. are all considered Black.
They can't really say that they're other witout getting a second look.

CVT said...

Again - thanks for the mention, and thanks for making clear the existence of ugly-ass Asian women (I laughed out loud at that one). If I get any more links from you (or comment any more), you're going to have to change the name to uglyblackjohn/handsomemixedcvt.

Anyway - people know when they're dating between races for the right (or wrong) reasons. I can't really rail against that, considering my bi-racial status and the fact that that means pretty much every relationship I've ever been in has been "interracial" to some extent.

As for the bi-racial identification thing, I wrote a post all about that over at my spot:

In summary - bi-racial kids are both black AND bi-racial. Because they have BOTH experiences.

DPizz said...

I'm kind of partial to spicy Latinas and I do like Asians myself, but it all pretty much feels the same in the dark.

I have had people mad dog me when I was with a woman of another race and I have had people post up my girl in the bathroom and confront her about who she was with.

I myself have questioned or become angry when I've seen a fine lady of my race with a man of another race. I think it has to do with when I perceive they are together firstly, not because of love, etc., but for some kind of class, cultural, status, etc. expediency, not that it is any of my business. Or, perhaps when it seems they are purposely trying to distance themselves from their race. How can I determine these things? Because I have a special power that enables me to glean these things merely by looking at the perpetrating couple. Seriously, I am just being honest about how I sometimes feel.

RunningMom is right, if it were not race it would be some other point of differentiation. The whole light skin, dark skin is an example of that kind of lunacy.

People should be with who they want to be with.

"But when do bi-racial children stop being Black?" In your case, you do not want me to answer that question.

Debo Blue said...

"Staying inside your race" was something slave owners forced upon society and thank God we're advancing beyond those "social" restrictions.

What I want to know is how come your post doesn't acknowledge a fling w/fat girls? You prejudiced against flab Ugly?

PS-I think Brohammas needs a wakeup call that Halle probably wouldn't be w/him anyway. But I'm not gonna be the one to tell him.

Anonymous said...

Interracial dating is not for me personally, None of my business if anyone else does it but I wouldn't invite them (an interracial couple) into my home lol.

I do find it interesting a black woman would date/marry a white man considering the history of this country, white men have always had access to black women. So white man black women is nothing new.

Black men with white women hmm not sure about that one either maybe because they were hung or beat to death for whistling at white women and what not,(while white men were steadily screwing black women ala Strom Thurman).

Black men have only recently been granted access to the coveted white woman, been about what 50yrs?

If ever I was to date a white woman I would try and treat her like my personal Sally Hemmings but without the children lol.

And the question about biracial children is stupid lol people define themselves.

As far as when are interracial couples acceptable, if you find it acceptable then its acceptable, that one was also a stupid question.

As an aside I have a black aunt that married a white man, they've been married for about 25yrs he was disinherited by his father who never approved of the union. I thought that was funny.

I have a daughter if she brought home a white man one day she wouldn't be allowed into the house but I sure as hell wouldn't disinherit her.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ CVT - That's the point. A Blk/Wht mix would be both Black and bi-racial - not both Black and white.

@ D Pizz - You date white women?
I have a cousin who married one of my other cousins - this is the South (but they weren't related). The dark man wasn't allowed into his Creole mother-in-law's home because he was too Black.

@ Debo Blue - I tried the big girl thing three times (had to be sure). It just wasn't my thing. I tend to like a long lean type.

@ Trey - The Sally Hemmings story is similar to how my grandfather's side of the family became Creole and not just Black.
Sorry for asking a stupid question about acceptability. But would your daughter's relationship be okay because she thought that it was? Or would it be alright as long as it wasn't in your house?
As far as bi-racial children - sorry for another stupid question - Sure, people define themselves. But would you treat you hypothetical grandchildren as Black, white, mixed or as just your grandchildren?

I was just curious about other's opinions.
Why does me having a non-Black girlfriend have to be me wanting a trophy.
Maybe I'm just the man and she has a trophy Black guy.

brohammas said...

Wake up call?
Come on, if Billy Bob Thorton had a chance...anybody has a chance.
Now no more wake up calls, I like this dream.

Anonymous said...

My point is who cares about what other people think? Each person is free to define themself.

Using the same reasoning, one should not expect other people to accept the crap that they do or things they believe.

My daughter, when she is an adult can hook up with whomever she chooses, I don't have to like it or accept it.

She will live her own life at that point, and I will continue to live mine.

DPizz said...

@ UBJ - Yes, I have played in the snow.

Anonymous said...

"George Lucas must be slumming. Or maybe it's the slave/master fixation." Have you lost your mind?
Do you have any idea of the accomplishments of this woman? Are you so blind that all you see is her beautiful dark skin? Do a Google search on 'Mellody Hobson' then tell me if any of your "blonds" were as accomplished.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Anon - I was attempting to be sarcastic not sardonic.

Invisible Woman said...

Sorry, but me loves the Bowie!

Anonymous said...

Ah to many, white is right no matter what lol.

Good thing too considering that the white race is dying out.
They need you people to keep their genes going.

Anonymous said...

The truth is ...I know too many talented, educated, beautiful black sisters still waiting around to marrying a brother. These woman are now 30'ish..should they continue to wait....NO. And this is coming from a woman who still wants a black man so I can raise strong black children.

If sisters do the math then we have to keep our options open !