Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Toy Thief

Damn... where were the parents?


RunningMom said...

I heard about this! What a resourceful little kid. Isn't it crazy what kids will do?

The story is right about the chain locks for the inside... up high, really high.

Thankfully, most kids (mine included) are afraid of the dark. They are not trying to be outside at night time alone!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you read the article? Or did further research into this matter before you asked the question "Where were the parents?"

The article clearly states what happened.

Furthermore you must have intent to steal something, so calling a 4 year old a thief is a tad bit ridiculous.

I guess because he is black he must have the ingrain desire to steal everything so regardless of his age and the fact that the door to the place was unlocked (lol.

He probably just couldn't help himself and acted upon his base, animalistic, ghetto indoctrinated instincts and thought up this stupid plan to steal a power ranger (or whatever 4 year olds want nowadays).

His plan was stupid because he was caught on camera.
The damn ape already can't do anything right, he's destined for failure.

He probably should be thrown in jail for the rest of his life like the rest of the trash.

Seriuously why can't he just be some precocious 4 yr old who happened to slip out of his house during a moment of confusion and walked to a familiar store that had toys he liked to play with whenever he went there in the past.

No benefit of the doubt eh?
Parents must be bad huh?

Automatic thief at 4 yrs old.

uglyblackjohn said...

@RunningMom - This story was actually kind of cute.
I live a couple of miles from where this happened and thought that it was nice that this story had a happy ending. I thought that it was funny that the kid just showed the police into the store - like they were guests in his home.

@Trey - Really?
There are a lot of shift workers here beacause of the many refineries.
The kid just slipped out.
It just seemed like something from the Little Rascals.

Is EVERYTHING about someone Black racist?
Maybe it was a poor choice of titles but the point wasn't to illustate a lack of parenting in the hood. (That would be a whole other post.)

RunningMom said...

When my son was small I used to have a baby gate in his doorway so that he could, get out of bed and open the door to holler for me, but he couldn't just wander around the house. Made me feel better knowing that he was in his room at night.