Monday, June 27, 2011

Miami > Los Angeles

 Growing up in Southern California, I've always been a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.
But since Kobe came to town I've had to focus on other aspects of the Laker franchise.
A nice distraction was always the Laker Girls.
 That was until this season.
Sure, I like the Heat but I love me some Miami Heat Dancers.
 The Laker Girls are a'ight...
But the dancers for the Miami Heat...!?!?


DF said...

Alright UBJ I have to agree but I don't like the look of Miami > Los Angeles.

What we have in LA is a bunch of white girls with blond hair in the traditional rockettes euro attractiveness aka flat bodies and long legs.

In Miami we have some Pum Pum shorts with a more healthy Caribbean/Latin thickness and jet black hair.

So it's not hard to see what anyone who is not white would probably prefer.

uglyblackjohn said...

Don't get me wrong...
Laker Girls?
"Ohhh, they sure are purdy"
Miami Heat Dancers?