Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Everyone Eats"

Is what a 'rival' club owner said about his business relationship with me.
The latest club I'm trying to resuscitate has a reputation for greed and selfishness.
The owners are not an asset but a liability to their own club.
When the club owners asked what was meant by the comment, a restaurant owner pointed out that I use Black-owned restaurants to cater special events and happy hour, that I use Black-owned maintenance crews, that I use Black advertising, and that I don't speak poorly of other clubs.
In fact, I recommend other clubs to people who may be looking for something we don't offer.

"Man, we should be trying to put everyone else out of business.", is what the club owner said to me.
"Look... Judging by your need to call me - you're club seems to be the only one you're capable of putting out of business. Believe me... I don't need this job. You. Called. Me!", I replied.

Every club has it's own vibe.
For this club - I'm trying to make it a hub for business, politics, art and culture.
If I can keep more than one club doing well at a time in this town (Three or four would be better);
My radio reps get business because each club feels the need to advertise in order to compete with the others.
My liquor reps sell and promote more products and get bigger bonuses which enables them to hook me up even more.
My food vendors gain more exposure and traffic which keeps more people employed.
My cleaning services have long-term contracts which enables them to purchase newer equipment.
My patrons have a choice of which club to go to on any given night which prevents them from burning out on going to the same place every night and deciding to travel to another city for a night of fun.

Patrons having options keeps everyone 'fed'.
Especially me.
Since my doing well supports others doing well, most feel the need to support whichever club I'm working.
And don't let me hop behind the bar... my bartenders and cocktail waitresses (I don't keep tips for myself) get tips so big that they try to learn the trick to having game.
My value is that I have the ability to bring people together to spend money and then go home almost broke but still be happy to have done so.
When I work for a club, I become the hub which enables me to benefit a little bit from every guest who walks through the door.

Sure, when I'm involved in a club everyone does eat - but especially me.


DF said...

Money begets money or should I say trickle down economics. But, the difference is you coordinate all these people to have a piece of the pie thus extracting the maximum from the club.

You are the hub as your connections and your understanding of business actually makes your vendors work with you knowing there's more opportunity around the corner.

Now take UBJ away from the hub and each part becomes disjointed and instead of a wheel with 100 spokes it becomes a mag wheel with just 5 points of a star.

Everyone eats because your intent is to provide opportunity. Otherwise the club only eats and eventually dies off because of it's greed!

uglyblackjohn said...

This, I know.

Anonymous said...

Some give the principal of scarcity too much focus when they should specialize. Dominating or monoplizing a market only devalues the whole... econ 101. don't club owners go to college? (wink)

Anonymous said...

Great read! All the talk about "eating" has me hungry!

oreowriter said...

Love this philosophy. There really is enough pie for everyone to have a slice.