Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 Well... They do make great cars.
While watching George Kranz's Din Daa Daa video on YouTube, "Damn, This video sucks", is what I thought.
George Kranz, Kraftwerk, Nena, Falco (Okay, he's Austrian but after watching the Van Trapp family and their dealings with the Nazis in The Sound of Music - it's close enough.) all had nice pop songs but their videos could use a director.
Din Daa Daa? Yeah you know, that song from Ginuine's None of Your Business interlude, from the X-Box Jump-In commercial, from the Jabbawakees performance on ABDC - you know...
And don't get me started on Kraftwork providing the beat for Afrika Bambaataa tunes.
Germans had some good songs - just skip the videos.

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Reggie said...

Yeah maybe, but I'm sure that the Jews would have an entirely different take on what they thought about the Germans.

I guess it's a matter of perspective.