Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brohammas asked...

 Whether I preferred Kanye West's manner of dress to that of
Lil' Wayne's.
My answer? Neither.
Kanye is too effete. Weezy dresses like my little cousins still in high school.
I bet Weezy throws those Chucks away when they get the slightest smudge.
If someone needed help changing his tire but I was afraid to get what I was wearing dirty..., I'd be over-dressed.
Matthew 11:8 says, "...behold, they that wear soft garments are in king's houses.".
IMOHO - Any man who is more concerned with the style of his clothing than he is with doing work is a bitch, a mama's-boy who was spoiled by the lack of a strong father.
Each of these guys is a product of the Civil Rights Movement gone astray and focusing more on unsustainable consumption than on sustainable production..
Neither man comes across as having honor or discipline - each man comes across as simple little boys.


CNu said...

Uncle John filled with the Holy Spirit this mownin!

Let the deacons say AMEN!!!

and AMEN....,

brohammas said...

well "Take That!"

ask for two cents, get a dollar. I'm all about dressing appropriate for the situation. If I'm at work (the office kind) a tie is likely... I just need to be prepared to sacrifice a tie for a person in need. Its not what you wear, its the value you place on the clothes in comparison with the welfare of others.

uglyblackjohn said...

Nah, SeeNew...
I just watched the special features disk of The Last Samuai with my young cousins and pointed out to them that they are no longer taught the value of having honor.
That their desires are now taught to be as important as the needs of the many.
Their mothers always say, "I gotta' live MY life" as though they have no responsibility to their children.

@ brohammas - Dude, how many people get into fights over the perceived lost respect of having ones white tee soiled or his new Dunks dirtied?
Looks, these days, seem paramount.

Anonymous said...

PREACH, UBJ!!! Preach.

CNu said...

Looks, these days, seem paramount.

When there's little-to-nothing else to speak of going on with an individual, then...,

Reggie said...