Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Losing Old Friends and Making New Enemies

I was asked to join this once relevant organization while our local branch of the NAACP was having a meeting at one of the clubs I run.
"What do you do?", I asked.
"Well we yadda-yadda-yadda. And this-and-that. And I'm the president.", one man proudly said.
"I mean besides congratulating yourselves on your non-accomplishments and giving out Image Awards and having lavish parties... . What does the NAACP actually do?", I replied.
"Well... What do you do?!", asked the agitated president.
"Really? Didn't I help to repair your house after a storm. And didn't I get some kids together to clean up your neighborhood? And didn't I work for your business for free until you could hire employees?, And didn't I get an accountant, employees and help with permits for your business? And don't I tutor your grandchildren for free? And don't I check on your mother and grandmother? And... .", I said to seven of the eleven members present.
"Besides talking about problems, what problems do you actually solve?", I asked.
"I'm just a glorified bartender and it seems that I do more by myself than all of you people with titles do put together.", I concluded.
Needless to say, I wasn't asked again to join.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! You're something else John!!!

CNu said...

I bet you cain't stand sittin up under any loud, nonsense-talking, breath and britches preachers neither...,

Brohammas said...

A good friend of mine attends and helps organize a stop the violence rally in Philly each year. She asked why I don't participate and I asked her if the yearly rallies have lessened any violence. I asked her if anyone who needs what is preached there actually attends. I do not see the benefit of a bunch of people who all agree getting together to yell slogans amongst themselves.

DF said...

UBJ bruh are you trying to make the talkers become doers? I got the same call to attend but I declined saying I just can't sit still. There's nothing worse than a bunch of smart people doing the same thing a ignorant person would do and calling that progress.

As a kid of the effected and affected group I actually get angry with people who have no real solution. I can only give them credit for the feeling that they want to do something but that's about it.

I guess you turned down your chance to be the Who's Who of your city. But, since they already know who you are you don't want to be known for doing nothing when you already do so much.