Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tap, Tap, Back, Grasp, Release and then Snap

The things one does to get people to feel special at night clubs.
If done in the listed order, this handshake will allow one free entrance into the club.
Done wrong - it's the back of the line for you.
The funny thing is that grown-ass people try to keep up with arbitrary dumb-ass rules in order to feel as though they are members of the 'in group'.
(Note; Secret shake subject to change on any given night.)


Amanda said...

Not sure about handshakes but I must have done something right last night when I was desperate to find car parking and stopped at a hotels entrance to ask the bellhop where I could find some. He just smiled at me and said I could park right there in valet parking.

Maybe it was my pretty sparkling red car that did it.

uglyblackjohn said...

Amanda, sometimes I think I work for clubs just to see how I can eff with people.
As far as the good parking spot?
He was probably looking at you a little lower down and from behind.

Brohammas said...

Did that handshake omce include two snaps and a twist?

Reggie said...

Brother I can't remember all that. Can't I just get a business card with the secret password "gumbo" on it or something?!?