Sunday, June 12, 2011

It Was The Best of Times...

Maybe the Sixties were a time when America was at it's best - a time when society, civility and culture still mattered.
Television's Mad Men almost makes a homogeneous and misogynistic society seem ideal.
 Now The Playboy Club is set to air this fall.
Drinking scotch, smoking cigars and chasing women may again become fashionable.
I remember when air travel was considered to be a luxury.
My grandparents would always offer to take me along on their summer tours of Europe, Africa, the Caribbean or the Holy Land.
But being too young to know better, I would always choose to stay home in the desert towns of Cali to play with my friends on those long hot summer days.
When I did decide to visit my grandparents here in Texas, I would always fly alone.
Back in those days a kid would get a big-ass cookie for being good, a metal pair of pilot's wings with the airline's logo emblazoned on them and a seat right behind the pilots and flight attendants.
Back in those days the flight attendants were slim and attractive and most wore just a bit too much makeup and perfume.
But the best part of each flight was the red lipstick on a kid's cheek and the smell of Chanel no.5 left after ones escort released him to the driver as she gave him a hug and a kiss.
(I often enjoyed the flights more than I did my stays in Texas.)

Now, ABC is planning to air Pan Am - a television series based on flight attendant set in the Sixties.


CNu said...

That isht WAS luxurious..., My mother used to take me along on her little all-expenses paid regional junkets on behalf of the Lutheran synod, we'd always fly Braniff - I don't know why, but the planes were cool and unique and I'll never forget the passengers lighting up and smoking cigarettes in transit.

Reggie said...

Oh I don't know "drinking scotch, smoking cigars and chasing women" sounds fairly awesome to me!!!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ SeeNew - Yeah... I know. Back then the flight attendents were hot.

@ Reggie - I know, I read your last post. Give me a Kettle One Gimlet instead of the Glenfidich and I'd be right there with you.