Monday, June 20, 2011

Those Crazy Coloureds

People with titles just crack me up.
This past Sunday was the day a local men's club held their open house.
The date coincided with Father's Day and Juneteenth so the place was packed.
Because the club was founded by Black professionals during Segregation - many considered the idea an all-Black social club to be obsolete.

To bring new life to the club I started bringing younger and better looking women as guests at my table.
Every month we choose a different color combination for my table and all dress to match.
I usually take a table in the back as not to draw too much attention to my group.
But a newly elected judge thought that I was a usurper.
That I was taking status which should have been his.

"Hey, that's my table!", the judge proclaimed.
"Look man, I came in early to make sure we were set up before my guests arrived and I took the least favored table.", I said.
(Referring to a new judge as 'man' is seen as being disrespectful. This made the guy even more upset.)
"You're not even a member here! You're nothing more than a bartender!", he continued.
It was then that a more established member of the community came by to mediate any disagreement.
"John is not a member but he does support our charitable work. Yes, he does work at nightclubs but John's given away more than you've ever had to those in need within our community.", the established member stated.
"If John wants this table for his guests and himself, you move!", he concluded.

I guess status is attributed by more than just ones title.
(I just hope I don't get a ticket any time soon.)


DF said...

Damn John you all in the back of the bus and shit and you still get picked on by the man! LOL

The Newly appointed important always have a problem when what they have accomplished isn't obvious to the help. I guess he didn't know how much the help, helped!

When you go to jail for reckless eyeballing don't get mad!

uglyblackjohn said...

"...he didn't know how much the help, helped..."
I guess he knows now.

Anonymous said...

That's one nasty judge!

Brohammas said...

Anyone who "helps" in order to get status, really isn't helping that much.
Look, in any establishment it is up to the establishment to determine if a table is owned. Common sense tells everyone this; so if someone who is not an official of said establishment tries to enforce unwritten rules... they have exposed themselves for what they really are; self important blow hard bullies.