Thursday, October 30, 2008

Uncle JohnnyMac, Tell Me A Scary Halloween Story..

Fear n 1. anxiety and agitation caused by the presence of danger, evil, pain, etc.

Barack Obama is;
A Muslim,
A Foreigner,
A Socialist,
A terrorist,
An Elitist'
Too well educated,
Too worldly,
Too well spoken,
and among other things - BLACK.

Hope n 1. a feeling that what is wanted will happen

Why do McCain supporters fail to see the differences in the way each campaign has been waged?
I'm a skeptic. One party is as bad as the next,
But if one party plans to scare a country into a deeper morass with scurrilous accusations, while the other plans to inspire a country (and world) into action.
How is the Party of Hope at fault?

Our current economic situation (and it's subsidising of an economy predicated on interest and banking instruments - not goods or services ) was caused by policies similar to what McCain is proposing. The bail-out is stalled because the "trickle-down" Reaganomics only helps the rich.
Oh, I understand... If the rich get richer, they'll have bigger crumbs for us to fight over. Now it makes sense.
But doesn't it make more sense to provide people with a bridge out of poverty (to create their own crumbs to leave for others) instead of offering them those bigger crumbs?

So c'mon JohnnyMac - trying to scare the country with exaggerations is pointless. As a wise man once said; "It's the economy. stupid"


RunningMom said...

Our society is inundated with fear-based marketing... McCain's campaign is using it because it's effective, we (consumers) fall for it all of the time.

The problem is, we're tired of being afraid, we need hope and inspiration and to get rid of this feeling that we are powerless to change the history of the United States.

Unknown said...

McCain supporters don't fail to see...they just don't want to see