Friday, October 31, 2008

Economics Made Easy

I had a flower plant that was dying.
The problem wasn't the fertilizer, temperature nor insects.
The plant just needed to be watered.
I watered everyday. Some days even twice.
I poured and poured gallons of water on the plant until enough finally trickled down to the roots.
After a long period of time, the plant came back to life (thanks to my wise and thoughtful top to bottom watering technique).
I learned the trickle down technique from my wise and venerated Uncle Ronny (he always had the answer to any problem).
This method of top to bottom has always been proven to work (given a long enough period of time).

Now there is this uppity new guy who thinks that directly watering the roots of the plant will take less water and time.
He assumes that by addressing a problem directly (instead of letting the pretty flowers bathe in gallons of water), he can make my flowers even more robust.
What's his problem?
Doesn't he know that the old proven ways will always be the best?
(Psst..I think he's a socialist!)

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