Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Think ?

And I thought that we were supposed to be a "Chistian Nation".

"If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury (interest)..."Exodus 22:25
In fact most of Exodus seems to be a condemnation of our country's current policies and practices.

Lord Joseph Stamp, former director of the bank of England, 1937 - Stated "The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing"
With deregulation and the over reliance on computer transactions - a bank doesn't even need to have in it's possession the money that it intends to use to make loans. Derivatives and leverage enable the banks to gamble on whether I'll repay a loan with as little as ten percent of the actual value of the loan in it's vaults. It is this type of speculation that caused the great depression of the early 1900's. Regulation was the tool developed to avoid another market crash.

"I sincerely believe that the banking institutions having the power of money are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies" - Thomas Jefferson

Didn't Abraham Lincoln end slavery a century and a half ago?
Did the President and Congress just sell all of us back into slavery - while convincing many that this new slavery was in our own best interest?
I'm not paying.
I'm claiming "Odious Debt".

Denise Huxtable is back on television.
Lisa Bonet was the reason I watched the Cosby Show.
Now the actor is in a new series called "Life on Mars".
Maverick 2: an independent individual who refuses to conform with the group
Would William Ayers be considered a Maverick? What about William Keating (who is closer to McCain than Ayers to Obama).
This "guilt by association " ploy seems like the most recent in a string of tactics in a campaign with no visible strategy.
The McCain gorilla warfare terror campaign seems desperate and on the run.
Do we gain traits through osmosis now?
The tactic of attacking Obama, based on his associates, may be one the McCain campaign would want to rethink.
"Much learning does not teach understanding" - Heraclitus
Sarah Palin seems fairly well prepared in stating facts - although I'm still not sure whether she actually understands the meaning of those facts.
S.N.L. - Queen Latifa
Queen Latifa is the only entertainer with a self-aggrandizing name that I actually like. Gwen Ifill seemed honored to have a "Queen" portray her in an S.N.L. skit.
Greed isn't good
Be like Warren Buffet; sell short and buy low.
(How can I get shares of G.E. ?)
(F*** the Haters.)
I recently played "Monster" with some of my really young cousins (a group of two year olds).
You know the game. I'm the monster and they have to try to beat me up and kill me. Their problem was that I could walk freely with them draped onto my legs and trying to pull me down. "No fair, you won't let us win", one yelled.
"I represent you and you are the haters", I told them.
One of the teenage cousins laughed that EVERYTHING I do with them has to have a lesson. But this teenage cousin has learned many lessons from such examples.
Some of my cousins were teased for being too black (and I mean ba-lack!) while others were being teased for being too bourgeois. This was the simplest example I could think of.
The moral of the story...F.T.H. !
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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on FTH. Keep putting lessons in your families heads. I do the same things with my nephew so before he comes up with something stupid or follows some idiot he has my way of thinking in his head first.

BTW.. I don't know where I became a credible blogger but I appreciate the compliment whether it was sarcastic or the truth. I'm like a little girl I like compliments anyway I can get them. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah will Lisa Bonet come up with a new hairstyle besides some tired ass Maya Angelou dreads.