Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Timeline: Dow-9065.12 / Oil - 63.22

On November 27, 2007 - Michael Vick was sentenced to prison on the charges of illegal gambling, weapons violations and (among other things) dog-fighting Pitt Bull Terriers. Oil was about $90 a barrel and the Dow Jones Index was hovering around 13289.45. According to Real Clear Politics - if the general election were held on this day, Barack Obama would have a +2.0 point lead over John McCain
Pit Bulls (and similar breeds) are more likely to be "genetically predisposed towards aggressive behavior", according to published reports. There have been many claims to this breed of dog "turning" on it's handler.

January 9, 2008 - McCain stages a comeback to win the New Hampshire primary. DJI-12606.30/RCP Poll - Tie

February 7, 2008 McCain pleads his case with conservatives within the Republican party to throw their support behind him as Mitt Romney suspends his campaign. 12182.13/Obama +3.3

March 5, 2008 Bush endorses McCain 11893.69/Obama+4.2

June 23, 2008 McCain aide states; Terror attack "would help McCain". 11346.51/ Obama+6.8

July 11, 2008 Oil prices hit $147.00 a barrel. 11100.54/ Obama+4.8

August 29, 2008 McCain picks Palin 11543.55/ Obama +3.9

September 2, 2008 Bush endorses McCain... again. -----.--/ Obama+6.4

September 4, 2008 McCain accepts his party's nomination. 11220.96/ Obama+4.4

September 15, 2008 Lehman Bros declares bankruptcy, B of A absorbs Merryl Lynch and AIG gets a $85 billion bailout package. 10917.51/ McCain+1.6

September 21, 2008 New York Times reports that McCain campaign manager Rich Davis was a lobbyist for failed mortgage company Freddie Mac. 11015.69/ Obama+2.2

September 23, 2008 Palin proves her ignorance in an interview with Katie Curic. 10854.17/ Obama+2.3

September 24, 2008 McCain is said to suspend his campaign and the first of three debates and an appearance on David Letterman in order to rush to Washington, D.C. to solve the banking crisis. The Letterman issue explodes when Dave discovers McCain in another CBS studio taping an interview with Katie Curic. 10825.17/ Obama+3.5

September 26, 2008 Debate I at the University of Mississippi. Republican contributor Kathleen Parker suggests that Palin resign from the GOP ticket. 11022.06/ Obama+4.2

October 1, 2008 The estimated 1 TRILLION dollar Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 is passed by the US Senate (74-25). 10831.07/ Obama+5.3

October 2, 2008 Palin/Biden debate. Palin's head doesn't explode. 10482.85/ Obama+5.7

October 3, 2008 House passes EESA (263-171). Bush signs bill. 10325.38/ Obama+5.8

October 7, 2008 Debate II at Belmont University. 9447.11/ Obama+5.5

October 10, 2008 "Troopergate" findings released. Palin is said to have abused her power as governor. 8451.19/ Obama+6.6

October 15, 2008 Debate III at Hofstra University. 8577.91/ Obama+7.3

October 19, 2008 Fmr. (fill in the blank) Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama. 9265.43(10/20/08)/ Obama+5.0

October 22, 2008 Politico reports that the GOP spent about 150k to give the "every woman" Palin an extreme makeover type upgrade. The McCain response - all the clothes were always meant to be donated to charity after the campaign. I guess there will be some well dressed homeless people this winter. 8519.21/ Obama+7.0

October 23, 2008 Ashley Todd lies. 8691.25/ Obama+7.5

October 27, 2008 The ATF reports stopping a skinhead plot to kill and behead Blacks - whose ultimate target is Barack Obama. 8175.77/ Obama+7.0

Wasn't this "pit bull in lipstick" chosen for her veracity and her appeal to the core Republican constituency? Isn't the most common response when asked of her appeal usually something like "she represents us". Why then is it surprising when racist taunts and epithets are screamed during her campaign stops? When reports surfaced of Palin turning on her handlers, why was anyone surprised? It's just her nature.
Maybe McCain should have paid more attention to the Vick incident - he would have seen that it's dangerous to be involved with pit bull fights. He would have seen that the one pit bull would draw out many which are of the same breed.
Poor McCain - he's too old and fragile to control a female pit like Palin.


D.J. said...

I love the pitbull turnaround.....I have been saying for over a month she is not to be trusted and if they take the white house heaven forbid....she will puch McCain down a flight of stairs.

RunningMom said...

Great Analogy! She apparently never heard "never bite the hand that feeds you" though.. Cause once the election is over. She's going to be homeless and hopefully euthanized.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Palin can be controlled beacuse she is inept