Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did Obama Win Again ?

"I'm not George Bush" was a pretty good shot.
But in the end the country's current economic conditions seemed to be too much of an opponent for McCain to handle. In a debate that McCain needed to deliver a knock-out punch, a solid jab here and there seemed to be all the old man could muster.

I watched the debate on Fox. If the pundits on Fox say that Obama won, Obama won. It's odd that McCain wanted to identify with Rocky while he was in Philly. Rocky lost to the smooth brotha'. Rocky was given a shot at the title after years of struggling on the under cards. McCain has been running for President for the last ten years.
McCain was counting on a lucky shot that didn't come.
(Note to John McCain; Stating that the country needs someone and something new in the Whitehouse only points out that you've been in D.C. for almost three decades.)
Maybe The 'Hockey Mom' and Joe 'The Plumber' can get a sit-com after the election.


brightstarr said...

His "I'm not George Bush" comment was a nice sound bite, but that's all it was. An empty canned statement that he couldn't wait to make. He's proved tonight that he has little substance. If he thought he'd win by attacking Obama's character, then he was mistaken. He just did not come hard enough with the issues. But then again, you know I'm biased. *wink*

Unknown said...

Just like Senator McCain said last night...."It's a no-brainer!" Barack Obama was clearly more level headed and exhibited real leadership under pressure.

McCain' ticker and temper are both time bombs just waiting to go OFF!

D.J. said...

While I did love the "I am not George Bush" line I loved even more the smack down of how your record makes it hard to know the difference.

I never really understand how one wins a debate. It's not like a school debate. I will say however it was the best of the three debates.

brohammas said...

I loved the final question on education. Obama gave a great and complete answer from top to bottom. Come McCain's turn I could almost read his mind, "Uhhhh. How do I follow that without just saying me too?"
uhhh Vouchers??
Ding, ding, ding. Obama wins.