Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Someone Get This Man a Hoveround

The debate was the usual "He said-He said".
I'm not one to jump on the Old Man McCain bandwagon but ...damn...he's old.
The Town Hall format is supposed to be McCain's strength. McCain came across as ; NOT funny or clever, stuck in the past and... OLD. He seemed to stumble around the room (both in speech and action). I kind of felt sorry for the guy.
Barak came across as confident and poised. He took charge of the debate in a way that was telling of being brought up by one's grandmother - respectful to his elder. No jokes, no fluff - just the facts stated in a manner one would expect from a leader.
Obama/Biden.......1.....1.....1.....?.... 3
So far it's a shutout. Down 3-0, McCain/Palin needs a grand slam in their final at bat.
(Image; McCain/Obama - Newsday, Hoveround - unatt.)


brightstarr said...

LOL, you're wrong for the hoverround pic! But I agree on the debate analysis - another one goes to team Obama! Btw, his arm movements were killing me. I think I got sympathy arthritis just looking at him.

Anonymous said...

If there is a picture of old Mccain fits it. I mean his hair is white, he's has a bald comb over, he has skin cancer, he can't lift his arms over his head, he is bitter, he talks only about dead people, and he calls people "MY FRIENDS"

Now Obama just has to get over the Bradley Effect.

D.J. said...

Yes...Yes to all you say. Who wants jokes when the economy is in the toilet. Poor old man who needs to be put out to pasture......RACIST!!!!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

how about a test for ptsd

Citizen Ojo said...

You said get a hoveround.... I'm dying here!!! ha ha ha ha

macon d said...

The hoveround got me too! He was quite the wandering Willie, wasn't he? And yeah, who says "my friends" anymore but used car salesmen who refuse to retire?

Unknown said...

OMG! That is a horrible pic of McCain. Ewww...No wonder...McCain refers to his supporters as My fellow prisoners!

Anonymous said...

It's the "my friends" crap that got to me. To Mac, "I am not your friend. American doesn't need a friend it needs a President. And you, my friend, are not a President". Obama just looked like a President. Look at what happened the last time America voted for the guy they would like ot have over at a BBQ?

McCain = hoveround.
Obama = skateboard