Monday, May 30, 2011

Ecclesiates 1:2

40 Billionaires have pledged to give away half their wealth. I guess only a few understand the concept of "winning".


DF said...

There's more that understand but they surely don't have the money to give away.

uglyblackjohn said...

IDK - ed commented on at your spot about the 'foolishness' of tithing.
I give away way more than ten percent but if I found a good church I'd do the ten and save myself some money.

DF said...

Well those millionaires know when they give a certain end will come about. While those who drop it in the bucket hope something good will happen.

I really think that's the difference that inspires most to give. That's why I'd rather give money directly to the bums as the services given to a organization usually disappears into some administration function that I surely don't care about.

Reggie said...

You can't take it with you, that's for sure.