Thursday, October 1, 2009

Beauty Is Learned

I'm not into short (under 5'8") women at all, but a few stand out as being worth a second look.
Eva Longoria, Hayden Pennetiere, Lucy Lui and Alyssa Milano are all often mentioned on lists of The Hottest Shorties or The Shortest Hotties.
Okay, I see that - but my list only has three.
Fitness model Jamie Eason is fit and petite at 5'2" - but she looks taller because her body is proportioned well.
At 5'2", no man would have to worry about getting caught staring at Salma Hayek's boobs.
(Even though, in the above photo, even a long sleeved conservative top fails to hide these assets.)
Her lack of height makes even making eye contact tough.
And no one can deny (okay, maybe some can) the original petite hottie Jada Pinkett's place on the short list.
Ever since we saw her in those braids in Menace To Society we began to give the shorties another look.


brohammas said...

I used to think Left Eye was hot till she hosted that Mtv show, "The Cut".
Couldn't stand her on that show.

Mr. Noface said...

I used to think Left Eye was hot as well, until I got the impression that she was crazy (not mentally ill, but emotionally unstable and immature).

Jada Pinkett Smith has always been on my short list of petite beauties (pun intended).