Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Simple

I never understood why 'Tom' in Miller's Crossing never just took control of the organizations he built.
I never understood why he would just choose to serve those who needed him more than he needed them.
Sure, the money is good in running clubs, the perks are good and it's easy to always get the girl.
But people who own clubs must be doing so in order to feel important - in order to feed their egos.
I have little to no interest in popularity (While often useful it's largely overrated.) so I don't wish to own a club.
(Although another group has offered to hand over everything the club contains as long as I run it and no others.)

Recently, I've been busy.
Too busy, in fact, to host our bi-monthly BOSS meetings with various club owners.
This absence has led to a massacre.
The bosses are squabbling over everything. (Some are so trivial that they unfriended the others on facebook.)
The cartel is on the verge of collapse.

Now I understand Tom.
Tom just wanted the ability to walk away from anything and everybody at any given time and just say, "Fuck It.".

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