Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I LIke (Most of) My Little Cousins...

 But I hate when they look at porn sites on my computer which lead to viruses and a trip to the shop for repairs.
But the past two or three weeks were not wasted.
Besides getting these little Niglets ready for the new school year, I enjoyed watching yet another team of Little Leaguers from California win their version of the World Series.
(California teams are a combined 7-16 in the history of final games of this competition.)

But this was just a prelude to my real sports viewing season.
I'm a huge USC fan but the Trojans looked fairly pedestrian in their recent win against Minnesota.
Maybe the Trojans will take an over rated new member of their conference more seriously next week as they attempt to win the AP National Championship without even playing in a BCS bowl.


Brohammas said...

O I recognize what your aging here, though let's be honest, my Utes may not be the only team in the conference who could wear that label right now.

DF said...

It feels like forever for sure this damn probation. The goal was to weaken USC and it has taken a couple of years but it is starting to happen. Barkley will most likely be gone after this year and the destruction of USC will be done. But, we'll rise again!

I'm tired of those fake world series with the kids. I could care less is south talladega won to tell you the truth.

Get some free antivirus software like AVG or something as basic free antivirus can't stop spam and the like. No need to pay.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ brohammas - Yeah... USC is a pretty weak number 25 in the AP polls.

@ FreeMan - Got newer better protection added this time around.

What? The LLWS is the only (quasi) REAL World Series. The MLB version is just the best team in America. The LLWS champ is truly the best in the world.
Being in Texas, I look for any reason to root for anything from/in Cali..