Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Don't Care...

 About Casey Anthony nor that she may have gotten away with murder.

I do think it's funny that the girl has to go into into hiding after being acquitted.
Some say that she can never get a job - but I'd hire her.
I'd give her housing and a job at a club.
For me - it would be a win-win.
Sure, she may have to live in the hood but she wouldn't have to pay rent.
The job would be at a nightclub so she could party all night every night.
I'm sure the place would be packed as many people would come just to hear her side of the story.
(Casey - If you need a place to live and a job - come to Beaumont, Texas and I'll hook you up.)

But I do care about the women's soccer team losing the World Cup final.
There is just something about women with nice quads...
Oh, and that they play for the USA in world competition.
Women's soccer? Yep.
Casey Anthony? Not so much.


poondon said...

wow i used to respect your writing

uglyblackjohn said...

Neither event effects MY life.
Casey/OJ - who cares.
I'm more concerned with my little cousins getting an education, my old women being fed and getting their meds, my neighbors doing well, my clubs running smoothly...
Stuff that matters and which I can have a positive effect.
Women's soccer? I just like when the USA wins in world competition but it was good to see Japan have some good news after the year they had.

Anonymous said...

My intuition has always told me Caylees death, may she rest in heaven, was an accident. A child can drown in two inches of water. I believe that she snuck into her parents home, remember she had been thrown out recently and was living in friends homes, to let her child use the pool she so loved, got busy phoning or whatever, and the child drowned. It happens every day! Casey panicked and made it look like an abduction and homicide. Now, of course this can be classified as homicide by negligence.

As a health professional we all know that the most reviveable deaths are those caused by drowning or lightning. CPR can and has revived many drowning and lightning victims, (due to complicated biological processes and water,or electricity).

Perhaps if she would have called the paramedics instead of trying to hide her failure, the child could have been revived.

She was a wild child, she was negligent, but I don't think she was a murderer. One of the many tragedies of life...