Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Looks Matter

 Well... at least to me.
I hope Sherri Shepherd loses on DWTS.
Why? Because of her vomit-inducing looks.
And I'll be a fan of Skylar Diggins regardless of the out come tonight's game.
Why? Because she is cute.


theoreoexperience said...

Don't know how much you joke and how much you don't...but this kind of thing always makes me so sad. As a woman, I'm totally aware, that if I want any kind of attention (and I'm mostly speaking of professional attention) then I have to be pleasing to the male gaze...but not too pleasing because then I can't be taken seriously...but I still better be cute or else I'm not interesting...but not too cute or all they can think about is how cute I am...

Is the way a woman looks--even a stranger--truly that important to a man. I rarely if ever think about how attractive or not I think a guy is on TV. I only start thinking about it if he does something in particular to make me like or dislike him.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ TOE - I used to have a onstruction company. It's funny, sometimes I wouldn't get jobs because people judged me by my looks and assumed that I was a 'California pretty-boy who didn't know how to work'. It took years of building homes with complex rooflines and that required a pretty good understanding of how to distribute load weights before anyone would even think to hire me for even the simplist projects.
On the other hand, it was easier to get high-end and high-paying jobs based on looks, grammar and the ability to to jobs down if I didn't like the prospective client.
In all honesty, a good personality wins out over looks for me every time - but I STILL prefer a good looking woman to one who's less attractive (subjective term, I know...) if everything else is equal.

sleepyccs said...

Your welcome statement says:

"please refrain from misusing epithets and downgrading others. Thank you, UBJ"

that's exactly what you did in this post.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ sleepyccs - Damn, you're right. My bad.