Monday, April 23, 2012

@ Brohammas

Do people dress Preppy because they like the style - or do they dress that way because they think they are supposed to?


CNu said...

Hopefully they dress this way because they attended a prep school with uniform requirements.

One the habit is inculcated, it is an easy, comfortable, functional, useful and affordable one to maintain.

Tom said...

I dress that way! (Slightly updated.) CNu, sadly I went to a public high school in rural Pennsylvania. A friend in school called it the Blockbuster Video Employee look.

But, yeah, it's comfortable, it looks better than the even-more-comfortable jeans & T-shirt uniform, and I look exactly like millions of other guys. Perfect. I don't care about clothes, but I don't want to look like a reject either.

I hardly ever wear the blazer.

The real NY preppies actively assault the senses with deliberately dumb-looking stuff, plaid blazers and weird slacks. But I'm not a real preppy. I don't even care enough to advertise that I don't care.

CNu said...

Wally, wally, wally, wally, wally, wally world...,

Puritan cotton flat front pants for $12.00 - that's cheap enough for those joints to be dayyum near disposable.

George white cotton oxford shirts for $10.00 - you wind up spending more money on your tee-shirts, socks, shoes, belt, and drawls...,

No effort, no thought, simple, straight-up, cheap and plain.

Brohammas said...

Depends on the person. I have found myself in a place where you have legit people who always dressed this way, which becomes even more obvious on parents day (lots of grown ups who dress exactly the same as the kids... nothing like my upbringing), then there is a whole crew of folks who dress that way because it is "now".

Deciphering between the two sorts is difficult, entertaining, and an obvious waste of my precious time... so of course I will continue to do it.

Tom said...

Ohhhh ... has the look suddenly come back in style or something?

CNu said...

Timeless never goes out of style...,

Ack like you know!

Tom said...


Brohammas, I never thought of it as something that had to be come by honestly or anything. It's a uniform. People put it on, they're now wearing the uniform. JMHO.

Brohammas said...

Those who weren't raised in the uniform but have donned it are not dishonest, they are as you say simply wearing the uniform. We agree here, but... (there is always a but),
With prep there are some who wear this style by some sort of cultural dictate or have always done so from their early youth. I am not one of those.
Preppy is back in style so many who never wore it before are doing so... not dishonest, but not the same as the "native." I have no problem with either but the watching them both is fascinating.