Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sometimes People Get What They Deserve

Except for a few rent-free homes, I'm out of the skumlord business. Just this past month I retired from the nightclub business as well. (Although I will still do the occasional bar consulting gig.) I think I'm done with trying to help the 'hood altogether.
Well, I'll still tutor kids and check on the elderly but as far as those who should be able to do better for themselves by themselves - I'm done. Nothing has happened to me - maybe it's just the self-identification of so many as being a 'victim' that did it for me. Maybe I'm just sick of those who have been inspired by the lost direction of the BLM movement. Maybe I'm just sick of dealing with people whose only education is acquired through facebook memes. Maybe I'm around too many dumb people who are too dumb to even know that they're dumb. (I think it was Craig who pointed out the Dunning-Kruger effect or anosognosia.)

I did like Dre when he walked away from Ruthless and Deathrow - I just said, 'effit - just keep that and I'll leave you alone.'. My old partners got into financial troubles (It seems that there are very few people who can make lots of money and whose desire doesn't become to make even more money.) so they had a drug dealer buy into their shares of the business. The drug bosses had assumed that I'd stay if given a big enough 'bonus' but I walked instead. In the past month the clubs' revenue has dropped by two-thirds and it's debts have gotten worse.
I've started a new consulting gig at the worst club in town that has the worst reputation. This club has seen it's clientele and staff upgraded and it's profits grown. I need money, I even like it - it's just that there is a right way to make it.

One of my old clubs was a financial anchor in a bad part of town. Like LeBron when he left Cleveland, I've made enemies by leaving the hood.
Community leaders, politicians and business owners meet at a funeral home down the block to addresses social and political issues in this part of town. The meetings are pointless (in my opinion) because nothing ever gets accomplished.

I went to a recent meeting which focused on the closing of a chain grocery store in the Black areas. There were hundreds of people present at this meeting expressing anger at the food deserts created by the closings. The chain cited high crime, high costs and low profits for their reason of leaving the hood. It was a business move.
After listening to all the complaints I suggested that everyone present should donate $100 to a fund which could start a neighborhood grocery store. I pointed out that Hispanic and Asians owned most of the mom-and-pop stores in the area so the concept was doable. When only five of the more than one hundred people agreed to donate money to benefit the community and a worthy new business owner I asked why others balked. Almost to a person the main complaint was that they would gain nothing personally by giving this pittance away. That they wanted to be listed as an owner. That making someone else 'rich' would not help their lives.

So yeah... I'm done with Niggas (no, not Black people) - they are too dumb and selfish to even know that they are dumb and selfish.


CNu said...

Welcome to post black partisanship..., you did yoeman's work trying to put humpty dumpty back together again where you're at. Do you plan on staying down in south Texas or are you getting a little restless?

John Kurman said...

When the glaciers melt, gonna be a big bulge of water in the Gulf of Mexico latitude. Houston? Best be restless.