Wednesday, October 28, 2015

When a Bad-Assed Kid Meets an Even Worse Cop

And so the rogues gallery of race-baiting political polemics begins to form..
The NAACP? When was the last time they were even relevant?
Jessie Jackson? Ninja-pa-lease!

The new student wouldn't heed the teacher's request to put her phone away.
The student defied the request of the Black vice principal to leave the classroom.
The student would not leave when the school's resource officer gave her orders to leave the classroom.
The student is tipped to the ground, yanked back up and thrown across the room and later taken into custody.
One classmate stated that the student, '...don't got nobody...' while another stated that the officer (his football coach), ' a cool dude, he is no racist...' (Some have pointed out the officer's Black girlfriend as proof of this.) and that the student, 'wanted to prove that she was bad.'.

By most accounts, Spring Valley High School is a good school in a county that is 48% white and 47% Black.
(The school itself is 52% Black and 30% white.)
The school receives five stars on the Great Schools website.
Twenty-eight percent of the school's students are enrolled in AP classes and 78% pass the AP exam.
Thirty-five percent of the students receive free lunch while another 7% are eligible for reduced lunches.
The teacher involved is said to be a good teacher.
The school did have a controversy over the hiring of Dr Baron Davis as it's first Black principal a few years ago because it was said that he 'wouldn't understand the culture' of the school. But Dr Davis has since been promoted to assistant superintendent of the district.

I've seen some bad-assed kids and I've met some bad cops, but in the battle between the two - the first round went to the po-po.


CNu said...

TRUTH! Accept no substitutes....,

(one day spent in an urban public high school is all it would take to have every pearl-clutching and vapor-catching fool on the sheriff deputy's side of this kerfluffle. The mere fact that two grown-assed black men in that classroom have been emasculated to the point where they're denied the wherewithal to control this child and have to summon the SRO - tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about what's wrong with classroom management in these schools nowadays)

uglyblackjohn said...

Mr King was my bad-ass teacher. Even at a hood school everyone (kids, mothers, fathers, grandparents,...) knew that THAT man did not play. If he had to paddle us that meant that we'd sit in the office until our cathedrals show up to finish the job.

Kids are supposed to fear adults.
A couple years ago when that slap a stranger game was popular I was at Wal-Mart doing some late night (3am) grocery shopping. A group of kids were trying to decide who they should record getting knocked out. As I stood up one of they kids said, 'Hell, no. He look like The Rock'. I waited until they left before I started laughing with the woman in front of me.
Kids don't run shot.

uglyblackjohn said...

Cathedrals? Man, I hate this new tablet. The i-pad froze and this thing sucks. Should be 'parents would'.

CNu said...

Kids run what ever "adults" are weak enough to let them get away with. The Cathedral is responsible for this state of affairs in which it is illegal for adults to put their hands on kids and exercise traditional and appropriate authority - both - in the classroom and out of the classroom.

As I've long stated, you can't educate the mind until you train the behind. Everything else is merely conversation...,