Thursday, October 22, 2015


The jokes on you.
"Motherboard" didn't react, they did their homework to discover that the alleged outrage over there being too few PWC (People Without Color?) in the newest Star Wars trilogy and outrage that it caused as being a hoax perpetrated by Internet trolls.

But that the protagonists of the newest film are a woman, a Black and a Latino?
Hey, hey, wait... Slow down now.
The greatest execration to the meme was on the side of male PWC who see themselves as victims to their perceived loss of power in a society largely divided by class, race and gender.
News outlets and social media jumped on the story with either anger or agreeance in an effort to be sensational and first.

While this take on people of color and women becoming the alphas was false, I still understand your consternation.
I understand that Affirmative Action caused the loss of your positions of power up to and including the presidency.
I understand that your feminization has caused some of you to become mass murderers.
I understand that your fear and resentment towards minorities and women has caused some of you to extirpate a once honorable political party.
I understand that your lack of game has made some of you even less desirable to many of the women you thought were your own.
I understand the influence upon your children of a pop culture that is dominated by those you once considered as being 'other'.
I feel your pain.

But don't worry, your position is safe.
White males are still the heroes.
White males always save the day.
White males are always the wielders of and in positions of the real power.
Other than in the *Fast and Furious franchise, the white male is still the alpha in a sea of minority and female betas.
Don't forget, Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far away.
(In other words: not now and not on Earth.)

*I liked the franchise and it's diversity. While set in LA, I grew up under similar circumstances and demographics a few towns over. I have never been the sidekick even when I was in predominantly white situations. Sure Bryan and Dom were pretty much equal stars, but Dom could kick Bryan's ass (and I'm sure that Bryan was always aware of this fact).

When Boris Kodjoe joined the cast as the only alpha male in the Resident Evil films I was sure that he was going to die in a heroic effort to save the white hero at the end the movie. But he lived. Being that there are only a few humans remaining on earth, and that he plays a virile alpha surrounded by the characters; Alice, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield - he was bound to eventually have a dalliance with one or all (It would only be natural and make sense.) I'm sure the directors and producers have thought of this so I doubt that he'll be in or live through the next installment of the franchise.


John Kurman said...

But that's the movies. IRL, heroes are healers and teachers. Helpers. Going against Darwin. Movie heros nowadays are all kickass badass. That's not heroism. That's peacock strut.

John Kurman said...

However... I like the idea of A black Star Wars. You could have three white dudes in it.