Saturday, October 17, 2015

Is THIS How 'Making It' Looks?

Almost everyone seems to say that they are in favor of everyone being equal and that everyone should have the same opportunities.
Sure, this sounds nice but this is not reality - nor will it ever be (at least, not in this world).

Raven Symone seems to be taking a lot of hits from social media lately and most of her problems seem to be caused by the things that come from her mouth.
Raven is seen by many Blacks as being out of touch with her heritage, history and culture.
Ms Symone seems to be speaking from a position of 'privilege' (You know, that elusive thing that is supposed by some to be endemic to white people in America).
Ms Symone is said to want freedom, liberty and the pursuit of her own happiness while denying the rights of others, less fortunate, the same opportunities to enjoy the same.
Ms Symone is said to be exhibiting 'internalized racism'. (Whatever that is?)
Some see Ms Symone as a real life 'Uncle Ruckus'.
Ms Symone is so blind to her own color that she fails to understand her 'proper place' in a racially divided America. (But wasn't that the goal of all those sit-ins, marches and protests?)

Honestly, in my business I deal with A LOT of Black people from across the country and from many cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.
Most of the conversations regarding race include:
Dark brotha's and sista's resent light skinned brotha's and sista's.
Light skinned brotha's and sista's look down on dark brotha's and sista's.
Uneducated Blacks see most of the more erudite brotha's and sista's as 'acting white'.
Ghetto brotha's and sista's think that they are 'keeping it real' while many see those with more stable lifestyles as 'Uncle Toms' and 'Sell Outs'. (Those few successful Blacks who still retain a sense of street-cred are those who have mastered the task of being Black+ or Black++)
Light skinned Blacks perform better because they have to fight against ghetto dark blacks from behind and rich white people in front of them. (This argument may have some merit so I'll have to look into it further at a later date.)

'Internalized Racism', 'Black Pathology', 'Colonial Mentality' and the rest of the terminology used by 'educated Black folk' are just natural occurrences in any social order regardless of race, ethnic group, country or culture. It is the exploitation of these types of fears by those with real power that keeps those without without.
If you believe in these theories put forth by those in REAL power - you'll be broke, they'll be rich -  in the very same hour.
If you want to see an example of the game and how is played, just look at The Sneetches and who ultimately gets paid.


Miles said...

That Sneetches bit is a clever teaching tool.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Miles - I think all of Dr Seuss' books can be used to teach.